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Culinary entrepreneurs making money out of home kitchen

Mohammad Nahian
29 Nov 2021 00:00:00 | Update: 29 Nov 2021 09:59:06
Culinary entrepreneurs making money out of home kitchen

The advent of online platforms has paved the way for a panoply of businesses, of which homemade food biz is one that has carved a niche for itself.

The home-based food start-ups sell a variety of food products at stores and super-shops while a number of e-commerce and f-commerce platforms have facilitated their business.

The home chefs are receiving positive response from urban consumers due largely to hygiene and taste they care for when preparing food.

The nutrition, taste and availability of food items on both online and physical stores are drawing the attention of urban consumers.

According to the sector people, individuals of all ages especially adults mainly prefer homemade food to junk and fast food.

Talking to The Business Post, Arifa Sultana, owner of Ramisa Food and Agro Products, Maniknagar, Dhaka, said, “I am doing this business for the last ten years and am getting positive response from my metropolitan customers.”

“Currently, I am catering for jhal munakka, sweet munakka, jhal nimki, jhinuk nimki, badam papri, chirar laddu, fried nut (white), fried nut oil, til papri, badam papri, chicken chips, murali box, ring chips kacha, murali, diabetes murali, gurer shahi khorma, fried chira oil, fried chira masala, nimki, etc.”

Another home chef Sharifa Begum opined that she started home-made food business since 2018 out of her hobby, and later she found this helped her earn money.

“Besides my household chores, I am running this business using the social media site like Facebook,” said the owner of Firoza’s Kitchen.

“Various homemade items including pudding, birthday cake, chicken vegetable singara, rosmalai, chotpoti, nimki, sujir halwa, patishapta pitha, chitoi pitha, chire bhaja are available to my kitchen.”

Sharifa added that they also take lunch orders and cater for beef tehari, morog polao, duck curry, prawn curry, shutki bhorta, shutki curry, turkey curry as well. Only a Tk50 is charged for delivery within the capital, said the business woman.

Another entrepreneur Nujhat Tabassum Jafrin posited that all their items are homemade, fresh, healthy, organic, tasty and preservative free, and suitable for babies as well.

“I am doing well in my business and can make an expected sale every day.”

“We provide cereal, unsalted butter, biscuit, gluten free flour, noodles masala, magic masala, orange jelly, instant oatmeal, khati gawa ghee and a few other items. Most of our products are for both babies and adults as well.”

Jafrin went on to say that they also sell imported items like himalayan pink salt, talmisri from India and cube cream cheese for babies.

The sector insiders claimed that the home-based food business became popular as it saves time for consumers, contains more nutrients, tastes and looks better than outside food sold in hotels and restaurants.

Besides, this business is also thriving under the auspice of social media and delivery apps.

Currently, many super shops have also started venturing on homemade food business. Agora, Prince Bazar and the like are doing so, sensing their consumers’ demand.

SK Md Nasir Ullah Sohag, Floor manager, Prince Bazar (Mirpur branch), said, “We have a huge collection of homemade food due to their high demand among customers.”

“Currently homemade chicken roll, vegetable spring roll, beef roll and few other items are available in our super shop.”

A consumer Neamul Haque Shibly at Prince Bazar said, “Homemade food gives me a peace of mind, satisfaction, and a guarantee of cleanliness than other outside food available in different eateries. It’s a pleasure to get such food in urban area.”

Like Shibly, many argued that they love home-cooked food instead of fast food because it’s delicious and gives them the best flavour, and smell.

The business individuals said homemade food business is empowering women and also creating job opportunities for others too.