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52 Sudan returnees get Tk50k from Jiban Bima Corp

Staff correspondent
08 Jun 2023 00:00:00 | Update: 07 Jun 2023 23:00:53
52 Sudan returnees get Tk50k from Jiban Bima Corp

A total of 52 Sudan returnee workers, who are policyholders of Bangladesh Jiban Bima Corporation, have received Tk 50,000 from their insurance policies.

The state-run life insurance company settled the claims of the workers who were forced to come back from the war-torn African country recently.

The Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment minister Imran Ahamad handed over the money at ‘’Probashi Kallyan Bhaban’’ on Wednesday.

At the time, the expatriate minister said since 2019, some 2,36,000 expatriates have come under the insurance. Employees living abroad will also be covered under the insurance phase by phase.

Ahmed Munirus Saleheen, senior secretary of Ministry of Expatriate’ Welfare and Overseas Employment, said currently, there is an insurance system for expatriates with a premium of Tk 1,000 for a period of five years with a maturity amount of Tk 5 lakh.

While travelling abroad, this insurance has been provided in the state-owned Bangladesh Jiban Bima Corporation with a premium of Tk 1000.

This year, a total of 889 workers have returned to the country for various reasons, of which, 633 will be given insurance, said the expatriate welfare secretary.