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Govt formulating policy to appoint top officials at SCBs

UNB . Dhaka
08 Jan 2023 20:43:23 | Update: 08 Jan 2023 21:52:25
Govt formulating policy to appoint top officials at SCBs

The financial institution division (FID), a wing of the Ministry of Finance is formulating “The Employment, Promotion and Posting Policy-2023” for the appointment and promotion of senior officers of state-owned commercial banks.

A committee led by the finance minister will appoint and promote people to these posts based on the basis of 100 marks in 8 categories, a source of the ministry told UNB on Sunday.

Apart from this, the candidates will be scrutinised before the appointment. A committee of 6 members will be formed, led by the finance minister.

According to the sources, contractual recruitment and posting for a maximum of three years will be made for the posts of Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) through selection from among the Managing Directors working in state-owned commercial banks, specialised banks, and financial institutions or through promotion from Deputy Managing Directors (DMDs).

Sources of FID said recommendations will be made by the selection committee following the seniority, experience, report of the NSI and Anti-Corruption Commission, and the circular issued by Bangladesh Bank from time to time.

Contractual appointments will be made to the posts of Managing Director and CEO with the recommendation of the committee with the approval of the Prime Minister.

A senior official of FID said apart from this, promotion, appointment, posting and inter-bank transfers to the post of Deputy Managing Director in specialised banks and financial institutions will be restricted to specialised banks and financial institutions.

However, in the interest of the state, posting and inter-bank transfer can be made from among the deputy managing directors of state-owned commercial banks to the post of deputy managing directors in specialised banks and financial institutions.

As per the policy, in the case of promotion, the candidates eligible for promotion-educational qualification mark 15, length of service in a bank or financial institution -5, banking diploma-5, professional degree-5, professional publications -5, employment record 5, and annual confidential application -40 and interview -15) will be selected by the committee on the basis of their mark out of a total 100 marks.