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Padma Bank introduces 125-day fixed deposit scheme

BSS . Dhaka
03 Apr 2023 18:08:57 | Update: 03 Apr 2023 18:12:33
Padma Bank introduces 125-day fixed deposit scheme

Padma Bank Limited has introduced a fixed deposit scheme for only 125 days for which customers now do not have to wait for long to enjoy the benefits of fixed deposits like in banks.

The Interest rates will be available up to 9.50 per cent. Padma Bank Limited recently launched the two fixed-deposit products. This gives customers an opportunity to get their deposit back in a short period of time.

The schemes are Padma Elegant and Padma Professional. Besides, there is Padma Mousum deposit for those who are contributing in the agri and agro sector. Customers can manage their savings accounts in Tk 50 monthly instalments, said a press release on Monday.


Padma Elegant 

This scheme was launched recently to encourage women to save. This special deposit scheme has been designed keeping in mind the various benefits of women.

The fixed deposit scheme is for 125 days at an interest rate of 8 to 9.50 per cent. Any Bangladeshi woman above 18 years of age can manage this scheme.


Padma Professional 

This fixed deposit scheme is specially designed for doctors, engineers, architects, and chartered professionals. The 125-day fixed deposit account can be opened at a maximum rate of 9.5 per cent for any amount starting from Tk 50,000.


Padma Mousum 

Padma Bank Limited has taken a great step to honour those who keep the wheels of the country's economy moving by producing food. The Padma Mousum Schemes has been launched for them.

The scheme is for those who work in the agriculture, poultry, and fisheries sectors. This account can be opened with as little as Tk 50 and as much as Tk 10,000. Interest rates will be available up to a maximum 10 per cent.

The release said Padma Bank Limited has a total of 18 schemes with various tenures and attractive rates, including Padma Elegant, Padma Professional and Padma Mousum.