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eSports: How to build a career in online multiplayer gaming

UNB . Dhaka
27 Nov 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 27 Nov 2022 07:08:55
eSports: How to build a career in online multiplayer gaming

Consider a profession which doesn’t require you to work by a 9-5 schedule, where you may spend 12-14 hours a day playing games and earning attractive numbers and earning a fortune. Yes, we are talking about the eSport career. A gaming profession is now a possibility! You may pursue a career as a professional gamer; compete in national and international competitions, represent your country and make handsome earnings. However, there is one thing you must understand—you must be an expert at this!

How to Earn Money from Esport or Online Gaming?

Each significant esports competition includes a prize pool. The better a professional gaming team performs in a competition, the more money they can earn. Though the most visible reward is the prize money won at successful events, there are more incentives for the eSports gamers.

Several prominent eSports gaming authorities host multiple tournaments each year with prize pools exceeding $1 million. It indicates that there is enough possibility within the prize pools alone. However, it does not end there. Additionally, pro-gaming teams get some sort of development backing. In League of Legends, for example, Riot demands that all NA LCS players earn a high salary and are eligible for a bonus of up to 35% of the league’s income every year while under contract.

In CSGO, teams who reach the majors are compensated with a percentage of money generated by the sale of in-game stickers that the fans buy to show their support for their favorite team. Adding to these, lucrative sponsorships are available to professional gaming teams.

As you may be aware, esports events draw hundreds of thousands of spectators, and advertisers, who are willing to pay a premium to support teams and individual players. There is very little information on how much professional gaming teams earn. However, it all relies on the team’s size and fan base.

10 Effective Ways to Build a Career in Online Multiplayer Gaming?

Consider these crucial steps if you want to be a professional gamer:

Recognize Your Skill

While the game business may seem exciting, it requires commitment and ability. Recognize your areas of interest and do the study on prospective work prospects. If you did not follow the job you believe is the greatest fit for you, select something that suits your abilities. Along with interest in the subject, you will need imagination, perseverance, and drive.

Conduct research in a variety of areas. Refuse to accept and act in accordance with someone else’s perspective. Consider your options and choose if you can devote your time and value to this endeavor.

Achieve Practical Experience

Acquire knowledge about the latest upgrades and stay current. Consistently enhance yourself by following the trend. It will ensure your continued demand in the business.

This industry has advanced significantly. Additionally, technical updates are required since technology is intrinsically linked to the game experience. Your updated knowledge may provide users with a unique experience.

Find Your Community and Grow Along

Social outreach and community development are excellent methods of delivering your message. It is hard to acquire money and a reputation as a professional gamer if you are socially inactive. When you connect with the community, it will make you more aware of the user’s wants. Your followers will grow as a result of live broadcasting and posting victory milestones. You can expand your fan following and educate the world about your abilities.

Professional Degrees

The gaming industry is rapidly increasing. New games will also be added to the scenario as a result of this addition. Personal computer games, internet games, mobile games, handheld games, console games, and arcade games are the most popular forms of gaming.

Additionally, this development has resulted in the emergence of new job paths and degrees, ranging from certificates to master’s degrees.

Go through The Fundamentals

This is a critical milestone for all industries. Fundamentals are critical for survival in this competitive sector. In the eSports career, you may come across thousands of players and millions of gaming pros. You will only step out if you get a firm grasp on the fundamentals.

Make a Social Media Presence

If you long for increasing your fan base and having a better understanding of what your audience wants from you, social media is the place to be. As a gamer, you will be competing for the attention of the audience, not in silos. Interact with the audience to have a deeper understanding of them and to generate fresh ideas. Post Instagram stories, produce interesting posts and conduct polls to keep your audience engaged.

Choose Your Game

The next step is to choose a game. There are two different perspectives here: either choose an emerging game or stick with an existing one.

The benefit of choosing a well-known Esport is that the infrastructure and resources necessary to enable professional gaming are already in place. League of Legends and Counterstrike:

Global Offensive are all established Esports titles with significant, committed player bases and, as a result, sponsored events with rich awards.

Buy High-Quality Accessories

One thing you can do to further your career as a professional gamer is to get the equipment and accessories necessary to do so. For instance, if you’re gaming on your computer, consider selecting a desktop PC that has enough available RAM, is quick, and can handle a huge game and everything else necessary to run it smoothly and without delays. Consider the many alternatives for a mouse, as well, to ensure that your computer motions are accurate, rapid, and supportive of your gaming.

Get a Sponsorship

Numerous professional players have sponsorship agreements that cover the costs of competition entrance fees and new equipment, as well as providing a yearly wage. Sponsorship firms want you to promote their brand, wear their stuff, and maybe even mention them in interviews in return.

Get a Pro Attitude

It takes years of dedication and effort to become a professional gamer, but there is more to it than endless grinding. To progress as a player, it’s critical to adopt a well-rounded training routine – one that incorporates social skills development, game knowledge expansion, positive motivation, and a healthy lifestyle.


A job in gaming is the most popular professional option for teenagers due to the industry’s enormous potential for players. However, getting into the gaming business is not simple; it’s a world filled with dedicated and professional gamers working together to create better and larger games for everyone. Therefore, if you have any remaining reservations and would want to seek assistance and counseling from professional specialists about the scope of a career in gaming, now is the time to act!