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Growth Mindset

GP and Telenor achieve new Guinness Records

Staff Correspondent
13 Nov 2021 00:00:00 | Update: 13 Nov 2021 02:22:18
GP and Telenor achieve new Guinness Records

Telenor Group has achieved a new Guinness World Records title for most users to take an online personal development lesson in 24 hours. The record attempt started on October 27 at 07:00 CET, and by the same time the following day, a total of 4,504 Telenor employees had completed the e-learning course on “Growth Mindset.”

A total of 1,011 Grameenphone (GP) employees completed the “Growth Mindset” course, and Telenor Group contributed to the remarkable achievement, GP said in a statement on Friday.

Due to the rapidly evolving customer behavior and industry, which further accelerated digitalization, Telenor & GP believe future-ready skills are a must-have for understanding customers’ needs and delivering on the fourth industrial revolution.

The Growth Mindset course chosen for the Guinness World Records attempt promotes the benefits of applying a growth mindset in both the employees’ business and personal lives. Research indicates that when leaders promote a growth mindset and provide an environment where employees feel safe to fail and make mistakes, there is an increase in creativity, learning, and innovation.

“We believe that the digitalization of society will enable new solutions capable of solving global challenges of today and tomorrow. However, businesses’ ability to utilize the full potential of the digital future depends on how well we facilitate the adoption of new and critical skills. Therefore, we have intensified our learning efforts to ensure that we continue to stay at the forefront of up-and reskilling of our employees,” said Cecilie Heuch, EVP and Chief People & Sustainability Officer of Telenor Group.

Grameenphone CEO Yasir Azman said, “At Grameenphone, we have profoundly inherited Telenor’s explorers and learner’s mindset, with more than 164 years of footprint in connecting people using technology. Our role has become imperative in accelerating the digitalization journey in Bangladesh and building future-ready skills are the cornerstone for delivering on customer needs. Making Guinness World Records™ possible is a testimony of our sheer learning culture, staying relevant to our purpose, and serving our customers better. I want to thank all our colleagues across the globe for contributing to such a remarkable historical moment and fostering a growth culture”.

Among the Grameenphone learners who completed the badge was Tasnia Kabir Tonmona, who was excited to have had the experience of being a part of a global world record-setting event said, “Growth mindset is the single most rational approach required in today’s world. It is the greatest shift one can make in their headspace to navigate the nuanced and competitive life we live. It is a way of life,” she said.