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Social-commerce platform Majhi starts journey

TBP Desk
11 Oct 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 10 Oct 2022 22:36:30
Social-commerce platform Majhi starts journey

The latest locally based social-commerce platform Majhi has started its journey this month and is taking the SME world by storm.

Majhi (www.majhi.app) is allowing SMEs including f-commerce users to get a website and app in a snap without any programming skills or hassle, it said in a statement.

Created by Appnap Technologies Ltd, Majhi was built with the vision of connecting businesses to their customers via effective digital platforms.

Majhi founder Nurul Amin said, “A simple digital solution for effective e-commerce is long overdue in our country. As a tech entrepreneur, I want to help digitise businesses here by bridging the technological gaps our f-Commerce and retail businesses face.”

This marked the start of Majhi where in a snap, businesses can turn into e-commerce entirely for free.

Small and medium businesses are the backbone of our economy accounting for up to 90 per cent of all businesses in the country. However, few initiatives are aimed at providing full support to this sector, especially on digital platforms.

To bridge this gap and empower businesses, Majhi offers a full-fledged online business tool with features like order management, inventory tracking, and marketing materials.

Going forward, Majhi will incorporate training modules for owners to develop their entrepreneurial skills. Furthermore, features like custom domains and plug-ins are also in the making, which will allow users to implement SEO on their websites, get customer behaviour analytics, and much more, said the statement.

Alongside businesses, customers are also getting an app and web version of their favourite store which will let them track their orders, get stock updates, and learn about offers on the go, the statement added.