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BITAC holds training on cutting tool technology

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07 Feb 2023 00:00:00 | Update: 07 Feb 2023 00:41:24
BITAC holds training on cutting tool technology
Speakers at the conference on Master Trainer Training in Cutting Tool Technology at BITAC Tool and Technology Institute on Monday in Dhaka – Courtesy Photo

In the context of the fourth industrial revolution, Bangladesh Industrial Technical Assistance Center (BITAC) held a day-long conference on Master Trainer Training in Cutting Tool Technology at BITAC Tool and Technology Institute on Monday.

The conference started at 10 am when BITAC Director General Anwar Hossain Chowdhury gave a welcome speech, said a press statement.

The event was chaired by BITAC Tool and Technology Institute Director Syed Md Ihsanul Karim where Asad Uz Zaman, strategic innovation expert of A2I, presented the main article.

Dr Dewan Muhammad Humayun Kabir, project director of A2I, was present there as the chief guest and SE Jamil, CEO of US-based technology company Prime Tools and Tak Sam Yu, CEO of US-based Machine Control Technology were special guests.

“The concept of the fourth industrial revolution is very broad. To keep pace with the future world, we must prepare to participate in the fourth industrial revolution. Steps have been taken to create master trainers in cutting tool technology as part of that initiative", said Dr Syed Mo Ihsanul Karim.

Dewan Muhammad Humayun Kabir thanked BITAC for organising the event and said that the government is working under the leadership of the Prime Minister to establish Bangladesh as a developed country by 2041.

“Preparations for the fourth industrial revolution should be taken from now in this regard. BITAC has already incorporated the concept of the Fourth Industrial Revolution into its operational goals and objectives. Now work has to be done to make this idea a reality", he stated.

Anwar Hossain Chowdhury said that the current government has taken the fourth industrial revolution very seriously.

“We have to take essential preparations if we want to sustain in the future world with dignity and face the challenges. BITAC is working intensively to provide appropriate training to the manpower associated with the fourth industrial revolution and to import, manufacture, repair and install high-quality machines and equipment," he added.

BITAC is an autonomous government body and research centre that researches ways to improve industrial production and provide technical knowledge.

It is part of a Bangladesh government strategy to support small middle enterprises.