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REDX announces new rider work model for faster deliveries

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03 Apr 2023 00:00:00 | Update: 02 Apr 2023 23:10:01
REDX announces new rider work model for faster deliveries

ShopUp’s logistics wing REDX has recently announced a new freelance work model for delivery riders with incentives for delivery completion.

The new model, which is based on work volume, rewards timely and efficient deliveries made by the riders, according to a press statement issued on Sunday.

The implementation of this new model has yielded significant improvements, particularly during high-pressure scenarios, where scalability and capacity have been significantly enhanced, said the press statement.

REDX merchants are also able to enjoy higher sales volumes due to faster delivery times, it added.

The effectiveness of this approach comes from boosting motivation for riders, and enhancing the delivery service for merchants—those who make use of REDX’s nation-wide logistics service—by increasing cash flow and enabling next-day payments.

Speaking about the new work model, Junaid Ahmed, vice president, People & Culture at ShopUp said, “We are thrilled to see the positive impact this new work model has had on everyone, from our frontline workers to our valued merchants. We believe this change will have a lasting impact on the logistics industry and we are excited to continue to lead the way.”

Mohammad Nadim, a benefiting REDX rider, said, “The new way of working has been a blessing for me; it lets me decide my own schedule and plan ahead financially. I thank the REDX team for keeping our needs in mind and enabling us to earn more.”

REDX is one of the first organisations in the logistics industry to successfully implement this strategy. This new system surrounding commission-based payments undoubtedly benefits both riders and merchants, creating a sustainable and prosperous logistics ecosystem across the country.

ShopUp is the largest full-stack B2B commerce platform in Bangladesh, offering a range of services to small businesses. ShopUp's commerce platform Mokam partners with manufacturers, brands, and mills to streamline the distribution of food and household necessities to small shops. Currently, 20 million people in Bangladesh access food and essentials through Mokam's network of shops.

ShopUp also operates the largest last-mile logistics network in Bangladesh, REDX. To date, the company has raised over $200 million in investments from global investors.