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Riseup Labs utilises next generation technologies: Ershadul Hoque

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20 Apr 2023 00:00:00 | Update: 19 Apr 2023 23:06:05
Riseup Labs utilises next generation technologies: Ershadul Hoque

Riseup Labs is an example of effectively utilising next-generation technologies to solve problems of upcoming generations, said its Founder and CEO Ershadul Hoque at the Town Hall Meeting held in Dhaka on Saturday.

Ershadul Hoque delivered an inspirational speech on ‘NextGen Technologies’, encouraging all to embrace innovation, creativity, and perseverance, said a press release on Wednesday.

The rapid adoption of these technologies has played a significant role in enabling Riseup Labs to address customer issues promptly and efficiently. Additionally, Riseup Labs is actively engaged in researching and developing various future-generation technologies such as the Metaverse, he said.

In today's rapidly evolving world, NextGen Tech is the one that holds the keys to the future, he said, adding that “As the technological landscape continues to shift and grow, future technologies will be responsible for shaping it.”

In his speech, Ershadul emphasised the importance of taking risks and pursuing a passion and urged the audience to think outside the box and constantly learn new things.

He also highlighted the significance of failure as a crucial step towards success, stating that "failure is not the end of the road, but a stepping stone towards greater success."

He added that “By adopting NextGen technologies early, we would have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the world. Better ideas and innovations can transform industries, create new opportunities, and improve the lives of people around the globe.”

Ershadul Hoque also shared his entrepreneurial journey and highlighted his challenges in building Riseup Labs and talked about how he and his team had to overcome many obstacles. However, they built a successful company through their hard work and determination. As a result, they made a significant impact in the tech industry.

The town hall meeting of the programme was the main attraction, where the other Town Hall speakers also spoke on some significant matters of Riseup Labs, including, innovation in technology, successful launching of new products, business forecasts, modern marketing strategies etc.

Operation Manager of Riseup Labs, Enamul Hoque, Senior Business Development Manager KH Md Hamim Zakaria, Senior Marketing Manager Md Chhafrul Alam Khan, Senior HR Generalist Taslima Binta Hafiz, Product Manager Rakib Hasan, Product Manager Jamil Mahmud Sakib, Product Manager Ahad Hossain, and Product Designer Md Amanur Rahman Khan also spoke at the event, among others.