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Indian govt asks states to promptly identify 'illegal Bangladeshi' migrants

TBP Desk
27 Jul 2022 17:24:32 | Update: 27 Jul 2022 17:25:38
Indian govt asks states to promptly identify 'illegal Bangladeshi' migrants
Bangladeshi Migrants holding their Indian documents — Courtesy/PTI

The Indian government has directed all the states to take prompt action to identify Bangladeshi illegal migrants who are staying in the country using fake Indian documents.  

The Minister of State for Home Affairs Nityanand Rai said at least 2,399 Bangladeshi nationals were intercepted and found in the last five years, who were using illegally obtained Indian documents to stay in India, Times of India reports.

"The central government had issued instructions to the state governments and union territories for taking prompt steps for the identification of illegal migrants," he told the Times of India.

The minister added the states and union territories were also tasked with restricting illegal migrants to specific areas in accordance with laws, recording their biographic and biometric information, cancelling forged Indian documents, and initiating legal proceedings, including deportation proceedings.

Nityanand said the states have also been advised to share information of those who have wrongfully obtained forged Aadhar cards for appropriate legal action.

Delhi has asked the local governments to cancel any identification documents, such as voter cards, driving licenses, ration cards etc, obtained fraudulently by illegal migrants, the minister said.