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Noor Ali Family Trust, Salina Noor Charitable Foundation taking forward Unique Group legacy

Staff Correspondent
22 Feb 2024 22:13:20 | Update: 24 Feb 2024 12:07:48
Noor Ali Family Trust, Salina Noor Charitable Foundation taking forward Unique Group legacy
Unique Group Managing Director Mohd. Noor Ali, along with other senior officials, cuts a cake at the 2nd anniversary celebration of NAFT and SNCF, held at the group’s corporate office in the city’s Banani area on Thursday – Shamsul Haque Ripon

Noor Ali Family Trust (NAFT) and Salina Noor Charitable Foundation (SNCF) will continue to expand involvement in social welfare activities, taking forward the good legacy of Unique Group to a new height in a sustainable way, while ensuring compliance, integrity and accountability.

Unique Group Managing Director Mohd Noor Ali said, “If our employees and staff perform their duties as family members, attentively and in a right way, then we can create an exemplary trust not only in the country, but also in the whole world.

He made the remarks at the 2nd anniversary celebration of NAFT and SNCF, held at the group’s corporate office in the city’s Banani area on Thursday. At the event, Mohd Noor Ali cut a cake and emphasised on the employees’ family, health and friendly working environment.

He said, “Our Trust is our ultimate goal. We have progressed step by step towards this destination in the last two years. Our properties and shares will be transferred as well within this year. The foundation has been organised, now work continues to strengthen it.

Mohd Noor Ali continued, “For this trust, for the sustainability of this organisation, Nadiha Ali sacrificed the most. She donated all her wealth to this trust before her death, for humanitarian causes. We will never forget her noble sacrifice.

“We will have to live with this sorrow for the rest of our lives. This sorrow cannot be shared with anyone. The only way to share this sorrow is to remember her good deeds, and follow her path.”

The Unique Group has been built over a period of 42 years by maintaining utmost honesty, integrity, and hundred per cent compliance. As a result, all employees also give importance to fulfilling their responsibilities and focusing on performance, Mohd Noor Ali said.

Highlighting plans for the future, he mentioned, “We will build a 50-storey World Trade Center. The Westin will begin operations in full swing. A power plant has been commissioned, and there will be a net dividend of Tk 160 crore from here.

“Besides, agreements are being made with various countries to export manpower. The profits will then remain with the trust. Family members and associates of the employees under the group will get various benefits, along with salary and provident fund, from the trust.”

Mohd Noor Ali then pointed out, “And this will only happen when everyone's integrity increases. So you [employees and staff] should love your company. You should love your responsibilities and commitments. And that will be showcased through your services.”

Unique Group Chief Advisor and The Business Post’s Acting Editor Dr Khondaker Showkat Hossain said, “Unique Group's present shape, and its position in the heart of Bangladesh with many units, was not created in a day.

“It has been built over a period of time. It was developed through many sacrifices and bonafide efforts. It was established amid integrity. It will be entirely dedicated to public welfare. It will be dedicated to public welfare from generation to generation. The decision to make a family trust is a very timely, beneficial one. If privately owned, most of the time, a company does not survive unless it becomes people-oriented.”

Group CEO of Unique Group Syed Sanowarul Hoque shares a presentation addressing the current state of the foundation, as well as plans for moving forward for a sustainable future. He also moderated the event.

In his speech, CEO of Unique Hotel & Resorts PLC Md Shakawath Hossain stressed on everyone’s cooperation, integrity and performance for own-self, as well as for the company. He focused on technical advancement, teamwork and skills for everyone’s future endeavours.

The event was attended by senior officials and well-wishers from different companies under the Unique Group.

Following are the significant accomplishments and key milestones that NAF-Trust has achieved since its inception Feb 22, 2022 – establishment of Noor Ali Family Trust; creation of Salina Noor Charitable Foundation (SNCF); creation of Salina Noor - BADAS Foundation & Hospital (SNBFH); Business Units Consolidation through Asset amalgamation (WIP); Succession Planning (WIP) to Ensure Sustainable Growth; HRD Restructuring, Research & Development (R&D); Learning & Development Initiatives; Employee Well-being Programs; Community Initiatives and Events; Commitment to Sustainability.