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PHP Decorative Glass, a new approach to elegance

Staff Correspondent
08 Apr 2024 19:18:06 | Update: 09 Apr 2024 21:49:45
PHP Decorative Glass, a new approach to elegance

PHP Float Glass Industries Ltd has introduced PHP Decorative Glass, a new approach to elegance, capable of tastefully enhancing the interior decoration of establishments, homes and offices.

Manufactured using cutting edge European technology, this product can also be designated as “Smart Glass,” PHP says.

This decorative glass can be customised in seven different colours. So, PHP Decorative Glass can be used conveniently on columns at homes, offices and establishments, partitions, table tops, staircases and home decorations.

Available in a number of different colours, this glass is made using European technology, especially technology from Italy. This decorative glass can be used instead of walls - from kitchens to dining rooms - in large apartments.

Providing more details, PHP Float Glass Assistant General Manager Sultan Mahmud said, “Bangladesh is experiencing rapid urbanisation and infrastructural development, resulting in an increased demand for modern and aesthetically appealing construction materials.

“The demand for decorative glass has also increased in recent years due to the growth of construction and interior design sectors.”

He added, "Typically, stained glass, frosted glass, textured glass and etched glass are used in interior and exterior designs of commercial buildings, hotels, shopping malls and high-end residential projects.

“To enhance the interior beauty of establishments, homes and offices, our new addition is the PHP decorative glass, which can bring out long-lasting interior beauty of buildings with aesthetics. The use of PHP decorative glass creates a beautiful atmosphere.”

PHP Decorative Glass also offers several benefits, including a reduced load in buildings, and cheaper prices, he pointed out.