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Biman makes emergency landing in Bulgeria to save ailing passenger

UNB . Dhaka
03 Dec 2023 10:04:50 | Update: 03 Dec 2023 16:45:02
Biman makes emergency landing in Bulgeria to save ailing passenger
— UNB File Photo

A London-bound flight of Biman Bangladesh Airlines made an emergency landing in Bulgeria's Sofia International Airport on Friday due to an onboard sick passenger.

The doctors at Sofia Airport praised us for diverting the flight and bringing the patient on time, Captain Ishtiaq, the pilot in command (PIC) of the flight said.

A senior citizen boarded the Boeing Dreamliner 787, but suddenly developed high blood pressure and breathing problems mid-flight. When the cabin crew reported the passenger's illness to the flight captain, he immediately asked to see if there was a doctor on board. Hearing the announcement, a doctor came forward to help the patient.

The passenger was provided oxygen and other necessary medicines. When his physical condition worsened, the doctor suggested they could do no more on board the flight. Now he needed immediate admission to the hospital for treatment.

“We decided to divert the flight and land at the nearest airport. After contacting ATC of Sofia International Airport showing a medical emergency, I diverted the flight and landed there in a record 25 minutes,” added the captain.

The 84-year-old passenger started his journey from Sylhet to London. He had a 'fit to fly' medical certificate, said the officer.

However, the flight was delayed for 3 hours to arrive at Heathrow Airport in London due to the emergency landing.