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Govt fixes hajj cost at Tk6,83,018

UNB . Dhaka
01 Feb 2023 16:21:19 | Update: 01 Feb 2023 17:35:19
Govt fixes hajj cost at Tk6,83,018
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The government has fixed Tk 6,83,018 as the cost for each pilgrim to perform hajj this year.

The decision was made at a meeting of the executive committee on hajj management with State Minister for Religious Affairs Md Faridul Haque Khan in the chair on Wednesday.

Private hajj agencies will fix their packages in coordination with the government packages.

Hajj-2023 will be held on the 9th day of Zilhajj (June 28) depending on the moon sighting.

The government signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia over the hajj on January 9. According to the agreement, 15,000 people will be able to perform Hajj under government management, while 1,12,198 can go under private management.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines will carry 50 per cent of passengers, while Saudi Airlines will carry the rest.

Besides, the age limit for Hajj pilgrims during the pandemic has been lifted by the Saudi government — paving the way for people over 65 to go for the significant pilgrimage.

According to the "Route to Makkah initiative" deal, all hajj pilgrims will complete their pre-arrival immigration in Dhaka.

In the event of a Covid-riven situation, the Saudi authorities can make a decision about the number of pilgrimages.

This year, 70 per cent of Bangladeshi pilgrims will go through Jeddah Airport while the rest will go through the Madinah airport.