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Hajj flight from Sylhet inaugurated

UNB . Dhaka
03 Jun 2023 19:56:52 | Update: 03 Jun 2023 20:06:43
Hajj flight from Sylhet inaugurated

Biman Bangladesh Airlines has started operating dedicated Hajj flights from Sylhet.

The first Hajj flight BG3431 from Sylhet Osmani International Airport left for Medina with 346 pilgrims at 11:54am on Saturday. The flight is scheduled to land in Medina at 4:10pm (local time), according to a Biman press release.

This year, Biman will operate five Hajj flights on the Sylhet-Jeddah route and one on the Sylhet-Medina route, it read.

Representatives of Biman, Civil Aviation, HAAB and ATAB were present at the ceremony marking the inauguration of the Hajj flight from Sylhet on Saturday morning.

The guests exchanged greetings with the pilgrims at the holding lounge and took part in the prayer with the pilgrims seeking the well-being of the country and the nation.

All concerned thanked the Biman authorities for starting dedicated flights for pilgrims of the Sylhet region, read the release.

This year, 1,22,221 Bangladeshis will go to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj. Biman will transport 61,111 of those pilgrims.

Biman will operate 162 Hajj flights. Biman's Boeing 777-300ER as well as Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner are being used to transport pilgrims this year. Biman's pre-Hajj flight will end on June 22, the release added.