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New interbank cheque clearing time set for holidays

UNB . Dhaka
19 Apr 2023 20:59:23 | Update: 19 Apr 2023 21:13:54
New interbank cheque clearing time set for holidays

Bangladesh Bank in an instruction clarified that interbank cheque clearing will be held as per the changes scheduled on Eid Holidays.

At the same time, Bangladesh Bank has also announced a new schedule for the settlement of interbank checks clearing house transactions.

High-value checks (Tk5.0 lakh and above) on holidays should be sent by 10:30am for clearing. These cheques will be settled by 12pm. And any regular value check (below Tk 5.0 lakh) should be sent to the clearing house by 11:30am. These cheques will be cleared by 1:30pm.

Besides, Bangladesh Electronic Funds Transfer Network (BEFTN) services will continue as before, the BB directive said.

Meanwhile, BB said that after the Eid vacation banks’ timing will be 10am to 5pm after Ramadan as before and bank transactions time will be from 10 am to 3:00 pm.

Md. Mzbaul Haque, executive director and spokesperson of BB on Wednesday told UNB that the banks will operate under the schedule from the opening day, after the Eid vacation.