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Each Hajj pilgrim can carry $1,200: BB

Staff Correspondent
02 May 2023 19:20:48 | Update: 02 May 2023 19:22:16
Each Hajj pilgrim can carry $1,200: BB

Each Hajj pilgrim can carry a maximum of $1,200, or its equivalent to other foreign currencies, apart from the total cost of the Hajj this year.

Travel quota will not be applicable to Hajj pilgrims and in the case of foreign exchange concessions concerned, the prevailing rules will have to be followed properly.

The Foreign Exchange Operation Department of Bangladesh Bank revealed the information through a directive issued on Tuesday.

According to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Religious Affairs for Hajj pilgrims, the central bank has stated that a pilgrim can take $1,200, or its equivalent to other currencies, after deducting all the stipulated expenses.

The circular also stated that every pilgrim, registered under private management, has been asked to send Saudi Riyals 15,622.72 to Saudi Arabia for all the expenses during the pilgrimage.

According to the Ministry of Religious Affairs, some 119,695 pilgrims have registered for the pilgrimage so far. Among them, 10,035 registered under the government's travel package, while 109,660 pilgrims registered under privately-run Hajj travel agencies.

The Hajj will be held around June 27 with the exact date depending on the sighting of the moon.