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Beef price hits year-high Tk800 ahead of Eid

Broiler chicken price rises to a year-high of Tk250-Tk260 a kg
Rokon Uddin
06 Apr 2024 21:39:27 | Update: 06 Apr 2024 23:20:43
Beef price hits year-high Tk800 ahead of Eid
Photo Credit: Shamsul Haque Ripon

The beef prices have surged to a year-high of Tk 800 within two days, putting strain on limited-income consumers just before the Eid celebrations. Chicken market conveys a similar situation, with broiler chicken rising to a year-high Tk 250 – Tk 260 per kg ahead of Shab-E-Qadr.

As Eid-ul-Fitr will be celebrated next week, households across the country are preparing special feasts, regardless of economic status.

Prices of spices including onion, garlic and ginger – which are on high demand during Eid – have gone up by Tk 10 – Tk 20 per kg in a span of one or two days. Affording essential commodities is becoming increasingly challenging for those with limited means, as prices have skyrocketed further to cash in on the Eid festival demand.

Traders said special dishes are cooked on the night of Shab-e-Qadr, and its main ingredient is meat. So the price of meat has increased.

Various markets, including Segunbagicha, Maniknagar, Shantinagar and Mugda in the capital are seen selling beef at Tk 800 per kg, which was Tk 750 two days ago.

At the beginning of Ramadan, traders in the market increased the price of beef by Tk 50 to Tk 750 per kg. Accordingly, the prices of beef have increased by Tk 100 per kg within a period of less than a month.

It should be noted, the beef is being sold at Tk 600 per kg on the government's mobile freezer beef at various points in the capital.

The price of mutton has also increased along with beef by Tk 100 per kg, and is being sold at Tk 1,200 per kg, which was Tk 1,100 per kg a few days ago.

Abdus Salam, a meat seller in Mugda Bazar, said, “Cattle prices go up in the market ahead of Eid, so the meat has to be sold at a higher price. Apart from that, the increase in the price of meat in the wholesale market is also one of the reasons for the increase in the retail market.”

This week, broiler chicken prices have climbed by Tk 30, reaching Tk 250 – Tk 260 a kg. Similarly, the price of kok or Sonali chicken has also risen, with a kilogram now costing Tk 360 – Tk 380 a kg, marking Tk 40 a kg hike in a week, according to kitchen market sources.

Nur Mohammad, a chicken trader at Segunbagicha kitchen market, said the surge in the demand for chickens, coupled with a decrease in their supplies, during the Eid preparations caused their price hike.

Chattogram market situation

The price of broiler chicken has increased by Tk 30 per kg in Chattogram city within a week. The price of broiler chicken reached Tk 240 on Saturday, compared to only Tk 110 last week.

It is uncertain whether the price of these chickens, which cater to the meat needs of the poor and the middle class, will stop here or increase further around Eid.

Md Rahim, the owner of Rahim Poultry Store in Chawkbazar of Chattogram, said, “We have no hand behind the price increase. Due to increased demand, suppliers are charging higher prices, so we have to sell at higher prices.”