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BSTI includes 37 more products under mandatory quality certificate

Staff Correspondent
09 May 2023 21:59:06 | Update: 09 May 2023 21:59:06
BSTI includes 37 more products under mandatory quality certificate
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The Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) has included 37 more products under the mandatory quality certificate. 

The products include sweetmeat, pressure cooker, LPG gas cylinder, microwave oven, bitumen and bituminous binder-polymer modified bitumen and UPS.

The BSTI took the decision at its 38th council meeting at its office in Dhaka Tuesday with Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun in the chair, read a press release.

State Minister for Industries Kamal Ahmed Mojumder, Industries Secretary Zakia Sultana and BSTI Director General Md Abdus Sattar were present at the meeting, among others.

Other products are — green tea, soy sauce, chutneys, decorated cakes, malt-based food, malt drinks, milk chick, cheeses, whey cheeses, cream cheeses, extra hard grating cheeses, hair creams, kajol, face packs, glycerin toilet soap, liquid toilet soap, transparent toilet soap, clean cook stoves and cooking solutions, industrial safety helmets, hessian jute bags for rice and pulse, hessian jute bags (laminated/inner liner) for poultry feed and fish feed, hessian jute bags for packing 30kg food grains, jute bags for packing 50kg food grains, textile lightweight jute sucking bags for packing 50kg food grains, nonwoven wipes, silk fabrics, synthetic mosquito nets, towels and toweling, lead-acid traction batteries, single face motors and toothbrushes.

Currently, the number of products, covered by BSTI's mandatory quality certificate, is 239.

Speaking at the meeting, Nurul Majid said the BSTI has created a place of trust for all. "The BSTI should play a more active and important role in controlling the product quality," he added.