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Egg prices cool off by Tk 10 per dozen

Fishes get costlier
Rokon Uddin
18 Aug 2023 21:57:25 | Update: 19 Aug 2023 11:21:41
Egg prices cool off by Tk 10 per dozen
— Shamsul Haque Ripon

After a week of market volatility, the prices of eggs dropped slightly by Tk 10 per dozen (12 pieces) on Friday while the prices of fishes like ruhi and katla increased further in the kitchen markets. 

Despite the announcement about the price reduction of edible oil and sugar, the newly fixed-price products are yet to reach the markets, according to consumers. 

Brown farmed eggs, which were sold at Tk 175-180 per dozen just one or two days ago, are now available at Tk 165-170 at retail level. Relatively small farmed eggs are being sold at Tk 155 per dozen this week which had gone up to Tk 165 per dozen two days back. 

Although the slight price fall of eggs brought relief on a small scale the current prices still remain higher than the maximum retail price of Tk 144 a dozen or Tk 12 per egg set by the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock (MoFL).

Earlier, MoFL had estimated the production cost of Tk 10.5 for each egg and recommended the maximum retail price of Tk 12 on August 13, according to the ministry officials.

On the next day, a discussion was convened by the Directorate of National Consumers Right Protection (DNCRP) involving prominent poultry corporations, small farmers, city wholesalers and relevant government agencies that decided that all businesses must maintain cash receipts for egg selling transactions.

However, the prices of firmed chicken decreased by Tk 5 per kg and were available at Tk 180-185 per kg on Friday in the retail markets of the capital.

On the other hand, the prices of fish saw a significant hike approximately from Tk 30 to Tk 50 per kg this week on the retail level. Popular fishes like Ruhi and Katla were being sold at Tk 400-450 per kg which was Tk 350-400 per kg one week ago. Another popular fish Silver Carp was available at Tk 280-320 per kg which was Tk 280-300 in the last week. 

Besides, prices of Hilsa fish remained stable in kitchen markets although the production has increased. Small Hilsa was being sold at Tk 700-900 per kg while middle size at Tk 1000-1200 per kg and big size (over 1 kg) at Tk 1200-1600 per kg. 

The newly fixed low-priced edible oil and sugar are yet to enter the kitchen markets. Loose sugar was being sold at Tk 135-140 per kg in retail on Friday, while packaged sugar was sold at Tk 150 per kg. 

Bottled soybean oil was being sold at Tk 179 and loose at Tk 160-165 per litre. The prices of soybean oil dropped by Tk 5 per litre to Tk 174 from Tk 179, and sugar prices came down to Tk 130 from Tk 135.