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Italy agrees to take Bangladeshi skilled workers

Staff Correspondent
08 Jun 2023 08:30:17 | Update: 08 Jun 2023 08:57:25
Italy agrees to take Bangladeshi skilled workers
— Courtesy Photo

Italy has agreed to take skilled workers from Bangladesh under bilateral migration and mobility arrangement, particularly for its construction, shipbuilding and hospitality sectors.

The Italian side expressed satisfaction that at present over 46 per cent of workers under Flussi Decree are coming to Italy from Bangladesh for seasonal and non-seasonal work.

This was revealed at the first-ever Political Consultations between Bangladesh and Italy held on Wednesday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Rome, read a press release issued by the Bangladesh foreign ministry.

Foreign Secretary Masud Bin Momen and Secretary General of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Riccardo Guariglia led the respective side at the Consultations.

Before the Political Consultations, Masud and Guariglia signed a memorandum of understanding on Political Consultations between the foreign ministries of Bangladesh and Italy.

During the meeting, both countries expressed keen desire to deepen the relations and further engage in multiple areas, including trade and investment, technological intervention in Bangladesh’s textile sector, cooperation in defence and security, ICT, agriculture, migration and mobility, etc. Both sides also agreed to contain illegal migration to Italy.

The Italian side appreciated Bangladesh for hosting the Rohingyas and assured continuation of humanitarian assistance for them and supporting their safe, voluntary and sustainable repatriation to Myanmar.

The Italian side also expressed their desire to work closely with Bangladesh as a partner in the Indo-Pacific within the scope of IORA.