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Meat, chilli, veggie prices still high despite slipping demand

UNB . Dhaka
21 Jun 2024 19:57:53 | Update: 21 Jun 2024 23:17:25
Meat, chilli, veggie prices still high despite slipping demand
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Prices of beef, mutton, chickens, eggs, green chilli and vegetables are still high in the kitchen market of the capital city Dhaka, despite demand falling as holidaymakers return to the city.

The market insiders said the prices of different essentials and vegetables soared in the capital for short supply of commodities and vegetables due to supply chain disruption in the Eid Holidays.

Besides, a group of syndicates have increased the prices of meat, eggs and vegetables after Eid as the market monitoring agencies relax for Eid Holidays, said the market insiders.

Romij Uddin, a wholesaler of Kawran Bazar on Friday told UNB that a small number of vegetable trucks have arrived in the Kawran Bazar, while usually around 40 to 50 trucks arrived here with vegetables and other commodities.

Ali Hossain, a retailer of vegetables in the Moghbazar areas said that he bought cucumbers at Tk 600 per palla (5 kg), green chili at Tk 1200 per palla from Kawran Bazar on Friday. So he has to sell these items at a higher price.

Visiting different kitchen markets including Kawran Bazar, Mohakhali, Malibagh, and Hatirpool, the correspondent observed that there are few customers in the markets. But vegetables, meat, egg and chicken were selling at higher prices.

Farm egg prices jumped by Tk 15 per dozen (12 pieces) and selling a dozen at Tk 165 to 170 in the capital on Friday. Egg of domestic rearing hen is selling at Tk 75 to 80 per hali (4 pieces) and duck egg was selling at Tk 70 to 75 per hali.

The prices of broiler chicken and Pakistani origin sonali chicken have increased by Tk 10 to 15 per kg compared to before. The boiler chicken was selling at Tk 195 to 225 per kg based on size and quality. Apart from this, the price of Sonali chicken has also increased and is being sold at Tk 345 to 370 per kg based on size and quality.

Similarly, cock chicken is being sold at Tk 370 to 390 per kg, layer chicken at Tk 280 to Tk 320 per kg, and indigenous (desi) chicken at Tk 700 to Tk 770 per kg.

The traders of the concerned sectors said prices of chicken increased due to short supply and huge sales during Eid.

Beef is being sold at Tk 800-850 per kg in the market. Besides, mutton (khashi) is being sold at Tk 1,050 to Tk 1,200 per kg and mutton (goat) at Tk 1,000.

Buyers say regular market monitoring is not done. In this advantage, the traders get the opportunity to increase the price as they wish.

The traders said after Eid al-Azha, there is usually less demand for broiler chicken in the market. The price is also on the fall side. But this time in the market that picture was not seen. Some unscrupulous traders are increasing the prices at will. Regular raids in the market will reduce the violence of dishonest people.

Vegetables like brinjal and others were selling between Tk 60 to 70 per kg, bottle gourd, ash gourd, and cauliflower at Tk 50 to 60 per piece. Green chilli was selling at Tk 360 to 400 per kg, cucumber at Tk 120 and above per kg.

The local variety of onions was selling between Tk 90 to 100 per kg, garlic at Tk 220 to 260, and ginger at Tk 320 to 360 per kg based on quality.