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BGMEA joins global alliance urging digital labelling

Staff Correspondent
05 Apr 2023 15:24:41 | Update: 05 Apr 2023 15:34:22
BGMEA joins global alliance urging digital labelling

Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) joins a global alliance urging governments around the world to modernise domestic fashion labelling requirements and support the use of more sustainable digital labels.

By signing a letter on Wednesday BGMEA President Faruque Hassan aligned with the sustainability vision of 2030 which promotes sustainability, circularity and transparency in global fashion supply chain, read a press release.

The letter also calls upon the governments to amend national regulations to allow the adoption of fully digital labelling.

Firstly, digital labelling would significantly cut labelling waste and help in decarbonisation efforts. It is estimated that around 343,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide is emitted from labelling waste, which can be eliminated from the industry supply chain.

It may be noted that every year about 9.17 million kilometres of label tape is produced for the global fashion industry’s requirement which is enough to stretch between the earth and the moon twelve times each year.

While a fully digital labelling solution would cut manufacturing cost and thus make fashion more competitive and affordable, this would also reduce lead time and enable consumers to access more detailed information about the products they purchase, which will ensure transparency and traceability of products.

Keeping the information with the product would increase its longevity in the circular economy resulting in the chance for resale, upcycling, or recycling.

Moreover, digital labelling will also play an effective role in controlling the manufacturing of counterfeit products since every inputs of the finished goods is expected to come under the digital labelling where all the parties in the supply chain will be identifiable.

It will thus enable the industry to better protect intellectual property rights (IPR). BGMEA believes such initiative will ensure better governance in global fashion supply chain.