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BGMEA launches 'Khalilur Rahman Knowledge Center'

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02 Apr 2024 19:42:29 | Update: 02 Apr 2024 19:42:29
BGMEA launches 'Khalilur Rahman Knowledge Center'

In an effort to boost the competitiveness of Bangladesh's garment industry, the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) launched the “Khalilur Rahman Knowledge Center” at its headquarters in Dhaka on Tuesday.

The BGMEA recognised the importance of continuous learning and innovation in navigating the evolving landscape of global market trends.

As the apex trade body representing the RMG sector in Bangladesh, BGMEA endeavors to equip industry stakeholders with the requisite knowledge, skills, and technical know-how to tackle future challenges effectively, reads a press release.

BGMEA President Faruque Hassan inaugurated “Khalilur Rahman Knowledge Center” in presence of Khalilur Rahman's daughter Nasreen Subhan, son architect Nahas Ahmed Khalil and daughter-in-law Rupa Sayef.

Named in honor of the late Major General Khalilur Rahman (Retd), former president of BGMEA, the knowledge center stands as a tribute to his significant contributions that have been instrumental in the development of Bangladesh's apparel sector.

At the inauguration ceremony, the BGMEA president emphasised the imperative of continuous knowledge enhancement for fostering competitiveness and sustainable growth within the RMG industry.

He underscored the pivotal role that the knowledge centre will play in disseminating industry-relevant knowledge and enhancing its overall competitiveness.

Equipped with state-of-the-art digital devices, the Khalilur Rahman Knowledge Centre will serve as a hub for learning and collaboration, facilitating training sessions, seminars and workshops.

Through its digitally-enabled platform, industry experts, academia, and professionals from across the globe will have the opportunity to engage virtually, exchanging insights and expertise on current and emerging business issues, as well as advancements in industry-related technologies.