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BGMEA seeks Dutch support for RMG industry development

Staff Correspondent
27 Feb 2023 20:20:11 | Update: 27 Feb 2023 20:23:49
BGMEA seeks Dutch support for RMG industry development
— Courtesy Photo

A high-level delegation comprising members of the Netherlands Parliament paid a visit to BGMEA to discuss opportunities for increased collaboration to drive the development of Bangladesh’s RMG industry in a more sustainable way.

The five-member delegation included lawmakers Pim van Strien, Alexander Hammelburg, Mustafa Amhaouch, Raymond de Roon, and Stieneke van der Graaf. This delegation held a meeting with the BGMEA leadership on Monday, read a press release. 

Netherlands Ambassador to Bangladesh Anne van Leeuwen, Deputy Head of Mission Thijs Woudstra, BGMEA Vice President Miran Ali, and First Secretary at the embassy Bas Blaauw were also present at the meeting.

They held discussions about potential areas of collaboration to support the industry, especially in the areas of environmental sustainability – circular fashion, recycling, and energy efficiency.

BGMEA President Faruque Hassan gave the delegation an overview of Bangladesh’s RMG industry, including its progress in workplace safety as well as in social and environmental compliances.

He also apprised the Dutch parliamentarians of the sustainable strategic vision 2030 that aims to secure a sustainable and better future for Bangladesh’s RMG industry.

“In accordance with the renewed vision, the industry had been fulfilling social, ecological and community obligations, while striving to remain economically viable through innovation, digitisation, diversification and being more productive,” he said.

Faruque Hassan thanked the Netherlands government for supporting the Textile Technology Business Center (TTBC) at BGMEA Complex, a one-stop resource centre and knowledge hub for the textile industry.

He requested the Netherlands government through the visiting Parliament Members of the country to consider an extension of the transition period of GSP (EBA) from 3 years now to 6 years for ensuring smoother graduation.

The BGMEA chief urged the Netherlands government to extend more support to the industry in terms of knowledge, technology and funds in becoming more energy and resource-efficient, recycling and other environmental areas.

He also sought the country’s cooperation in developing the knowledge and skills of the students of BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology (BUFT) in textile, apparel, fashion, design and business through collaboration with leading Dutch fashion universities and institutes.

The delegation expressed interest in working together for the betterment of the RMG industry and the wellbeing of the workers.