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Bangladesh, US launch $18m inclusive education initiative

Staff Correspondent
20 Nov 2022 18:39:20 | Update: 20 Nov 2022 18:50:49
Bangladesh, US launch $18m inclusive education initiative
— Courtesy Photo

Bangladesh and the United States on Sunday launched a new five-year $18 million inclusive education project named “Shobai Miley Shikhi” (Everyone Learns Together).

US Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission Director Kathryn D Stevens joined the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education Secretary Farid Ahmed and Director General of the Directorate of Primary Education Shah Rezwan Hayat at the launching event, according to a press release.

The USAID’s project will improve learning opportunities for primary school children in hard-to-reach areas with a focus on those with disabilities or special needs.

With the goal of creating a more inclusive education system, the USAID Shobai Miley Shikhi project will train teachers to improve their skills in reaching students of all abilities in the classroom and provide specialised learning materials.

The new project will engage parents, communities, and advocacy organisations for persons with disabilities to alleviate some of the unique challenges affecting students with special needs.

The programme will also strive to reduce stigma towards students with disabilities to help special-needs children position themselves to complete their education, read the release.

“Improving the quality of learning for children with disabilities and making sure no child is left behind in their educational pursuits is a priority for USAID,” Kathryn Stevens said.

“Therefore, we are enthused to launch this new project with our partners from the government of Bangladesh as we strive to achieve our shared vision of helping children of all skill levels and abilities complete their studies,” she added.

The USAID Shobai Miley Shikhi project is implemented by Research Triangle Institute (RTI) International and will work closely with the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education in targeted upazilas to begin rolling out the new inclusive education project.