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School, college branch campuses to go independent

Mir Mohammad Jasim
04 Mar 2024 17:57:44 | Update: 04 Mar 2024 18:14:46
School, college branch campuses to go independent
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The education ministry is making a new policy for branch campuses of secondary and higher secondary educational institutions across the country, allowing the branch of a school or college to operate independently – with a separate principal and managing committee.

Besides, the main branch of a school or college will have no authority to control their respective branches.

For example, the Viqarunnisa Noon School and College has four branches including the main branch, but it is being run by one principal and a governing body. When the new rule is implemented, this institution will have four independent principals and governing bodies.

The name of the institutions will be the same, but the Educational Institute Identification Number (EIIN) will be different. These institutions will be allowed to use the previous name along with the branch name.

Confirming the matter to The Business Post, Chairman of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Prof Tapan Kumar Sarkar said, “We want decentralisation of the educational institutions’ management.

“Many irregularities will disappear if the ministry’s initiative to separate the branches is implemented.”

He added, “We are going to take this initiative with a view to ensure quality education, check admission fraud, and financial irregularities. I believe the new rules can help us achieve these goals.”

Prof Tapan mentioned that the new rules are in the final stage. The ministry has already secured approval from the law ministry in this regard, and the new rules will be implemented soon.

Prof Dr Siddiqur Rahman, former director of the Institute of Education and Research at Dhaka University, welcomed the government initiative, saying, “It is a bit late, but good that the education ministry finally realises this issue.

“Quality education is impossible if the branch campuses do not get authority to run these institutions. I hope the initiative will bring good results.”

Education ministry sources say the ministry and education boards have been spending a significant amount of time resolving conflicts among governing bodies of educational institutions, and their irregularities.

Besides, many principals both directly and indirectly aid the governing body members, and sometimes they even become more powerful than the respective governing bodies.

The ministry also replaced many principals and governing bodies of the capital’s reputed educational institutions including the Viqarunnisa Noon School and College, Motijheel Ideal School and College, and Monipur High School and College.

The principals were involved in admission fraud, faced allegations of amassing illegal wealth, appointment scams, misappropriation of school funds, and other academic irregularities.

Guardians welcome new move

Ziaul Kabir Dulu, president of the Bangladesh Guardians' Forum, said, “The reputed institutions’ principals act like they are kings, and teachers and guardians from other campuses are slaves. They run these institutions whimsically.

“I think that the new rules will ensure transparency and can check massive irregularities at educational institutions.”

Md Abdul Majid Sujon, general secretary of Guardians' Forum of Viqarunnisa Noon School & College, said, “We formed human chains, held rallies and organised press conferences against irregularities. Decentralisation of the power will be positive for the educational institutions.”