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390 children awarded with 'Manchakuri' and 'Manchamukul' padak

People's Little Theatre stages a theatrical production “Dak Ghar”
Staff Correspondent
07 Jul 2024 19:20:44 | Update: 07 Jul 2024 19:20:44
390 children awarded with 'Manchakuri' and 'Manchamukul' padak
— Msasr Ronju Sarkar

People's Theater Association, a cultural organisation consisting of 262 ethnic minority and underprivileged children and youth drama organisations has been carrying out various activities for the past 33 years. As a part of this, People's Theater Association awarded a total of 390 children and young cultural workers with its 'Manchakuri' and 'Manchamukul' padak.

The award ceremony and cultural programme were held at the National Theater of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy on Friday.

Planned by the founding President of People's Theater and Director General of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Liaquat Ali Lucky, the awardees were selected from all over Bangladesh.

Prominent playwright, researcher and Associate Professor of BRAC University’s Department of Bengali Language and Literature Mahfuza Hilali delivered the welcome speech at the event, while Yasmin Ali, Head Teacher of Music and International Affairs Editor of People's Theater, delivered remarks as the guest speaker.

Among the representatives from child theatre activists, Samia Muttakia Mahua and Pushpita Bepari spoke at the event, which was presided over by Liaquat Ali Lucky.

“Since 1990, we have been showcasing and performing children's plays that are being performed all over the world today. We have to understand the power of children's plays in our Bengali literature and culture, and how deeply the world is evaluating our plays,” Lucky said at the event.

Following the discussion, youngsters from Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy's music and dance teams, along with the ‘Manchakuri’ and ‘Manchamukul’ cultural teams presented a number of group dance performances and chorus renditions.

People's Little Theatre staged a theatrical production “Dak Ghar," written, planned and directed by Liaquat Ali Lucky. The event concluded with the award-giving ceremony.