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Amin-Popy's ‘Direct Action’ set to release in the new year

Staff Correspondent
14 Nov 2023 18:24:02 | Update: 14 Nov 2023 18:24:02
Amin-Popy's ‘Direct Action’ set to release in the new year
— Courtesy Photo

Actor Amin Khan and National Film Award-winning actress Sadika Parvin Popy, a celebrated on-screen duo is making a comeback with their latest film "Direct Action," directed by Sadek Siddique.

Popy, known for her versatile roles and immense popularity, has shared the screen with Amin Khan in numerous successful films throughout their careers. Despite a hiatus, the duo is set to captivate audiences once again with their on-screen chemistry in "Direct Action."

Speaking about their collaboration, Amin Khan expressed, "Popy and I have been part of almost every successful film we've worked on. The work for this film is completed, but I am not sure why it hasn't been released yet. Perhaps there are some reasons known to Popy. However, I've heard that it will hit the theaters at the beginning of the coming year. If that happens, it will undoubtedly be delightful news."

Popy, known for her dedication and hard work, has received the National Film Award three times for her outstanding performances. A significant aspect of her career is her commitment to physical fitness, maintaining a keen awareness of her health throughout her two-decade-long journey in the film industry.

Commenting on Amin Khan, Popy stated, "Amin bhai is like a brother to me, a national hero. He is a person of great integrity and a kind-hearted individual. I feel a deep connection with him as a co-star. I wish the film 'Direct Action' all the best."

Amin Khan and Popy first shared the screen in "Tomar Jonno Bhalobasha." Over the years, they collaborated in various films such as "Shami Amar Behest", "Loot Pat", "Hira Chuni Panna", "Mon Deewana", "Dui Bhai er Juddho" and many more showcasing their versatility and acting prowess.