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Anupam’s solo art show ‘Poetrimage’ begins at AFD

Staff Correspondent
18 Nov 2023 19:07:20 | Update: 18 Nov 2023 19:08:26
Anupam’s solo art show ‘Poetrimage’ begins at AFD
— Courtesy Photo

The solo painting exhibition of artist Reza Asad Al Huda Anupam titled ‘Poetrimage’ has begun at La Galerie of Alliance Française de Dhaka, Dhanmondi in the capital.

The inaugural ceremony of the exhibition was held on Friday evening on the gallery premises. Eminent artist Hashem Khan, Professor Emeritus, University of Dhaka attended the event as the chief guest, while Professor Mostafizul Haque attended as the special guest.

Anupam Huda didn't take the path of realistic imitation in his paintings. He sought the essence of art. While his paintings show an imitated semblance of reality, one can feel the beauty and joy within the canvas. Yet, Anupam sought something beyond that, a different kind of composition in a sculpted form. Anupam's drawn pictures, through tones, lines, colors, textures, compositions, create a deep and refined art.

Anupam writes poetry. In his poems, he expresses his thoughts. Those thoughts reach the reader in the form of an emotional experience. But Anupam is not a poet. He draws pictures. Then he transforms poetry into pictures. Anupam's drawn pictures become poetry. Poetry awakens in visual art. Others’ emotions travel through visual art, mixing with the delight of poetry. This is the blissful nectar of artistic taste. Hence, the title of his exhibition this time is 'Kabichitra' (Poetrimage).

Anupam’s drawn pictures are like the language of his written poems- simple and highly praiseworthy. The style is extremely endearing. Love exists, betrayal exists. But there's no outcry, just calm and indifferent. The recognizable subject matter presents an imprinted image, easily identified and known. It feels incredibly familiar. It seems like one's own thoughts, one's own emotions. Reality and imagination merge in a line. The words in the picture remain at a distance from the heart's exhalation.

Under the title 'Kabichitra' (Poetrimage), this is the second solo painting exhibition of Anupam Huda. The exhibition comprises a total of 26 paintings. All the images are drawn on canvas with acrylic paint. Anupam creates a distinct configuration through various formations and blends of colour on the canvas. On top of that configuration lays an extraordinary composition of colour and form.

Anupam's drawn images are primarily sculptural. Within these sculpted images, there's a tiny sculptural experience. Everything comes in the form of symbols. In the midst of nature, a boat, a dove on one, a lighthouse, a myna. Again, the sentiment of evening love, the texture of colours, forms, lines to signify the solitude of noon. One can also see women forms. Yet, in all of Anupam Huda's pictures in this exhibition, there is a remarkable amalgamation of the sculpted and the sculptural. It can be said this is entirely new, Anupam's distinctive drawing style.


The exhibition will open to all Monday to Saturday from 3:00pm to 9:00pm (Closed –Sunday), until November 28.