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Chanchal Chowdhury joins star-studded ‘Toofan’

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23 Apr 2024 19:24:30 | Update: 23 Apr 2024 19:24:30
Chanchal Chowdhury joins star-studded ‘Toofan’
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The much-anticipated film "Toofan," starring Shakib Khan and directed by Raihan Rafi, is set to release this Eid al-Adha. The film stars Kolkata actress Mimi Chakraborty and Bangladeshi actress Nabila.

Now, here is the buzz-generating news, Chanchal Chowdhury has also joined the cast.

Speaking about his presence in the film, Chanchal said, "I will be seen in a special character in the film 'Toofan.' Raihan Rafi is a talented director of this time. Besides, my personal relationship with Shakib is completely different. I would love to work with them together. And with three such big production houses coming together, it is bound to be something good."

The film "Toofan" is being produced by SVF Bangladesh, Alpha i, and Chorki. These three production houses had earlier announced another big film, "Domm." The film will be directed by Redoan Rony. Chanchal will be seen in the lead role in "Domm."

Director Rafi is now busy with the final preparations for the shooting of the film. Rafi said, "Chanchal Bhai is a powerful actor of our country. It is a pleasure for me to have him alongside Shakib Bhai in 'Toofan.'"

SVF's director and co-founder Mahendra Soni said, "We have worked with Chanchal Chowdhury on OTT content before. We had been planning to work with him on the big screen for a long time. I am sure he will take 'Toofan' to a different level."

Shahariar Shakib, Managing Director of Alpha i Studios, said, "Shakib Khan will be seen in a completely different way in 'Toofan.' We needed a powerful actor who could match him in such a strong character. I think Chanchal Bhai's involvement will do justice to the character, hence his involvement in 'Toofan.'"

Redoan Rony, CEO of Chorki, said, "There is nothing new to say about Chanchal Bhai. He is our pride. He is well-known for his work even beyond the borders of the country. I have had the experience of working with him on several projects. I think his presence in the film 'Toofan' will add another dimension."