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Coke Studio Bangla creates a new dimension to the music industry

Staff Correspondent
10 Dec 2023 15:47:23 | Update: 10 Dec 2023 15:48:52
Coke Studio Bangla creates a new dimension to the music industry
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Coke Studio is a digital-first music platform which provides an opportunity for emerging talent to partner, create and deliver moments of musical magic to new audiences.

Following the successful journey of Coke Studio since 2008, Coke Studio Bangla (CSB) arrived in Bangladesh in February 2022. Since its inception, the platform has taken the music industry by storm with its unique blend of music, bringing together diverse talents and fostering creativity in the heart of Bangladesh. Over two groundbreaking seasons, CSB has refreshed the music landscape, transcended borders, and earning accolades from fans and artists alike. So far, the platform brought music from different regions including Chattogram, Sylhet, and Mymensingh among others. The platform has introduced nearly 100 talented singers, including many undiscovered musicians such as Animesh Roy, Hamida Banu, Aleya Begum, Mukul Mojumder Ishaan, kickstarting some of their careers. While all the applauds have rightly gone to the 20 plus songs created in two seasons and the musicians behind them, the platform itself has been generating numbers that are commendable and had a direct impact on the music industry itself.


YouTube Dominance

Coke Studio Bangla's YouTube channel boasts an impressive 2.86 million+ subscribers, surpassing the combined subscriber count of some of Bangladesh's biggest brands, including leading telcos, & MFS. All this was achieved in just 20 months since its inaugural, demonstrating the platform's immense popularity.


Top Hits on YouTube

CSB's enchanting music has captivated audiences worldwide, with top hits including "Bhober Pagol," "Bulbuli," and "Nasek Nasek" from Season 1, and "Deora" and "Kotha Koiyo Na" from Season 2.


A Diverse Fanbase

In terms of fanbase, Coke Studio Bangla's fans primarily falls under the aged group of 18-34, hailing from various countries. A little over 80% of the total subscribers are from Bangladesh, with India, and the USA in second and third spot. They are followed by countries in the Middle East & Europe. While Coke Studio Bangla is greatly celebrated in major cities of Bangladesh, like Dhaka, Chattogram, Rajshahi, there is a significant fanbase in Kolkata who have embraced the platform with enthusiasm.


Spotify Sensation

Coke Studio Bangla's Spotify data probably highlights the platform’s staggering success the most, with a total streaming duration of over 13.8 million streams to date which is equivalent to 75million minutes. The more impressive number is the growth in streaming for artists associated with Coke Studio Bangla tracks. As per data from Spotify, since the launch of the platform, Bangla music consumption on Spotify has increased by 4 times. The most streamed CSB songs include "Bulbuli," "Chiltey Roud," "Bhober Pagol" (Season 1), and "Deora," "Kotha Koiyo Na," "Darale Duaarey" (Season 2).


Trending on TikTok & Instagram

In the first two seasons, the platform has taken over TikTok with each release. There has been a total of over 1 million user-generated content pieces that accumulated more than 400 million views based on the songs from Coke Studio Bangla. The most trending CSB songs on TikTok are "Deora," "Kotha Koiyo Na," and "Darale Duaarey." Instagram Reels have also been swayed by CSB's magic, amassing over 1 million user generated reels. "Kotha Koiyo Na" stands out as the most trending CSB song on Instagram Reels.


Expressing love through art

Apart from music, Coke Studio Bangla has also had an impact on the art and creative community of Bangladesh. Since its inception, thousands of fans and artists have shared their creative artwork as a form of tribute to the wonderful songs and musicians. There were thousands of art works including painting, sketches, digital art, animation, calligraphy, AI-generated images that spread all over the social media. this outstanding level of enthusiasm and creativity has inspired the platform to launch “Coke Studio Bangla Billboard Fan Art Contest”. In under 2 months the platform received over 60 submissions from which selected few were showcased on 11 different billboards across Dhaka and Chattogram City.

Abeer Rajbeen, Head of Marketing, Coca-Cola Bangladesh Limited said that, “With 300,000+ social media conversations, thousands of fan arts, music and dance covers, and instrumentals, Coke Studio Bangla has created a vibrant and engaged community that continues to celebrate its music. The support and response for the first two seasons has been truly overwhelming. It gives us the right motivation to push the creative boundaries further and continue creating magic for future.”