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Dilara Zaman, Farzana Chobi team up for ‘Bhor’

Staff Correspondent
23 Sep 2023 19:40:51 | Update: 23 Sep 2023 19:41:43
Dilara Zaman, Farzana Chobi team up for ‘Bhor’
— Courtesy Photo

For the first time, Ekushey Padak and National Film Award-winning actress Dilara Zaman and famous small screen actress Farzana Chobi have teamed up for a Government grant film titled ‘Bhor’.

Dilara Zaman and Farzana started working on the movie 'Bhor' in Gaibandha. This Liberation War-based children's film is written by Debjyoti Bhakta and directed by Aminur Rahman Khan. Farzana Chobi is acting in the role of Krishna's mother Nalini Devi, while Dilara Zaman is acting as the Mother-in-law of Farzana.

Earlier, two Noakhali artists Dilara Zaman and Farzana Chobi first acted together in the drama 'Saat Number Bari' directed by the late eminent film director Amjad Hossain.

Chobi informed that earlier she acted in a government grant movie. This is the second government-funded movie of her. Dilara Zaman on the other hand acted in several government-funded movies.

Dilara Zaman said, "I really liked the story of ‘Bhor’, as well as my character. The work has only just begun and is going well. And Farzana Chobi is a girl from my area. She is a well-mannered girl. She called me mother with utmost passion. The heart is filled with their love. I want to live for many more years.”

Farzana said, “Dilara Zaman is a living legendary actress. I have no ability or qualification to say anything about her acting. I follow every moment of her and learn to watch her. I am not only a fan of her acting, but also a follower of her personal life. I follow her ideas, thoughts, intelligence, thoughtfulness, humanity, everything. I think someone’s inner beauty is revealed on the outside. This applies 100% to Dilara Aunty. She becomes happy with little and lives a simple life while we all are restless. Being able to do a film with such a legend is a good fortune for me.”

Dilara Zaman performed her first play at school in ‘Mamlar Phol’ by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay in 1957. In 1966, Nazmul Alam wrote and Atiqul Haque Chowdhury produced her first play on radio.

Under the direction of Humayun Ahmed, she acted for the first time in 1984 in the drama ‘Diner Sheshe’. After that, she also acted in Humayun Ahmed’s plays ‘Ei Shob Din Ratri’ and ‘Ayomoy’.

Her notable films are ‘Aguner Poroshmoni’, ‘Chandrokotha’, ‘Meghla Akash’, ‘Monpura’, ‘Chondrogrohon’, ‘Altabanu’, ‘Postmaster 71’, ‘Mission Extreme’, ‘Chironjeeb Mujib’, ‘Maniker Lal Kakra’, ‘Prohelika’, Shyam Benegal’s biopic ‘Mujib’, Zahid Hossain’s ‘Subarnabhumi’ and others.

On the other hand, for her role in her drama ‘Shimana Periye’, Farzana Chobi received the Meril-Prothom Alo Critics Choice Award for Best TV Actress. Her notable works include Taan (2022), Vober Hat (2006), and Pakhi Ebong Manushera (2013).