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Eid films ready to hit silver screens across country

Staff Correspondent
08 Apr 2024 20:17:42 | Update: 08 Apr 2024 20:17:42
Eid films ready to hit silver screens across country

Eid has always been a magical time for the film industry to experience a booming business. On the occasion of Eid, film lovers visit the cinema halls and celebrate the grand event by watching their favourite films with their family and friends. At least 13 films are set to hit theatres this Eid, surpassing previous records of last year. However, amidst this fierce competition, only a handful of films will make the cut.

Star Cineplex and single screens plan to showcase a curated selection of eight movies from the lineup.

Shakib Khan is one of the main attractions among the moviegoers on this Eid celebration. Amid all the controversies, Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan starrer ‘Rajkumar’ will be released on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Written and directed by Himel Ashraf ‘Rajkumar’ is released under the banner of Versatile Media. The film is expected to make a new dimension with its countrywide release around 98 cinemas.

After Shakib Khan’s ‘Rajkumar’, Shariful Raj's three movies are in the pipeline. The first of which is 'Kajol Rekha' directed by Gias Uddin Selim. He produced the movie based on Mymensingh lyricist Kajol Rekha. Raj will be seen playing the lead role in the movie.

After that, 'Deyaler Desh' directed by Mishuk Moni is in second place in terms of discussion. Through the movie, Raj will be seen teaming up with actress Bubli for the first time. In the meantime, the movie's song, and poster teaser has caught the attention of the audience on social media.

Raj-acted 'Omar' is on the third place. Directed by popular small-screen filmmaker Muhammad Mustafa Kamal Raj, the movie has been made up of thrillers and suspenseful stories. The movie's song and poster have already been uploaded on social media.

The supernatural thriller that captivated audiences last Eid-ul-Fitr is gearing up for a spine-chilling sequel. This time Jaaz Multimedia is going to release ‘Mona: Jinn 2’. The sequel is the portrayal of the character Mona by a 12-year-old girl, adding a touch of authenticity to the horror story. However, Jaaz Multimedia has kept the director's identity under wraps, heightening anticipation for the film's release.

Even anyone can watch 'Mona: Jinn-2' alone, Jazz Multimedia has announced taka 1 lakh as a reward. On the other hand, it is known that if someone falls ill while watching this movie, there is free treatment for them.

Actors Ferdous Ahmed and Purnima, a prominent on-screen duo of the late 2000s, will appear together in a film. The government-funded film, ‘Ahare Jibon’ will portray some stories during the pandemic situation. Ferdous Ahmed will be seen playing the role of a police officer in this film, while Purnima will be seen playing an ordinary girl named Dola.