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Every project I undertake holds great significance for me: Badhon

Staff Correspondent
01 Dec 2023 18:43:20 | Update: 01 Dec 2023 18:43:20
Every project I undertake holds great significance for me: Badhon
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Renowned Bangladeshi actress, Azmeri Haque Badhon, is all set to take on a challenging role in an upcoming murder mystery film, which is expected to push her career to new heights.

Badhon, who has been widely acclaimed for her performances in television dramas, recently received praise for her role in the Bollywood web film "Khufiya." Now, she is preparing for a pivotal part in the Bangladeshi film "Esha Murder: Karma Phal," directed by Sani Sanwar.

The film, which is set to begin shooting this month and will be released, next year on Eid, promises to unravel a perplexing murder case. Badhon seems excited about her character and has hinted at an entirely new experience as she takes on the role of a female investigative officer within the police force – a completely different departure from her previous roles.

In a statement, Badhon said, "It's always refreshing to see a female police officer in a film when discussing the story and character with the director. The convincing narrative and character portrayal make it an intriguing subject. I am looking forward to this challenge and preparing rigorously for the role."

While Badhon has played characters from different walks of life throughout her career, this will be her first time portraying a police officer. She has been undergoing training for the past one and a half months to prepare for the role. She expressed her gratitude towards her fans and well-wishers and hopes to deliver a performance that resonates with them.

Badhon's recent film "Khufiya" received accolades in India, which she expressed gratitude for, saying, "I want to thank the audience for their appreciation of 'Khufiya.' It means a lot to me as an artist."

As Badhon gears up for the challenging role in "Esha Murder," fans and industry insiders alike are eagerly anticipating the film's releases next Eid.

The actor concluded, "Every project I undertake holds great significance for me. I am fully committed to making 'Esha Murder' a memorable experience for the audience."