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Farin to dazzle with 'Anarkoli' on this Valentine

Showbiz Desk
11 Feb 2024 18:37:10 | Update: 11 Feb 2024 18:37:10
Farin to dazzle with 'Anarkoli' on this Valentine
— Courtesy Photo

Tasnia Farin, a well-known name in Bangladeshi showbiz, primarily built her career through television work. However, she's been less visible in tele-fictions since venturing into OTT platforms and movies.

But get ready, as this Valentine's Day, she's set to captivate audiences again with "Anarkoli."

Starring alongside Tawsif Mahbub in Imraul Rafat's tele-fiction, "Anarkoli" has already stirred excitement on social media.

Farin has mesmerised fans with her electrifying dance performance in the item song "Local Boy", where she portrays a captivating dancer. The makers ensure that this song isn't just an add-on but intricately woven into the storyline and character development, making it an essential part of the project.

Farin's dedication is commendable, as she reportedly shot for the song through the night, from dusk till dawn. The catchy tune, "Local Boy", is sung by Toshiba, known for her hit "Noya Daman", and features music by FA Pritom and lyrics by Salauddin Shagar.

"Anarkoli" will be available to stream from today on Ekanno Media's YouTube channel.