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Genshin Impact bug disables stamina regen

A strange bug in Genshin Impact can disable stamina regeneration in the game, resulting in users being unable to properly explore the world
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05 Jun 2023 18:40:13 | Update: 05 Jun 2023 18:44:52
Genshin Impact bug disables stamina regen

Genshin Impact is an open-world action-adventure title with a big focus on exploration, but a strange bug can disable stamina regeneration in the game.

Genshin Impact features a stamina meter that plays a key role in its exploration, as acts like running, climbing, and swimming all consume stamina.

Players need to carefully manage their stamina as they travel across the world, as running out of it in crucial situations can sometimes lead to that character getting knocked out.

Many gamers have likely run out of stamina while climbing a cliff in Genshin Impact, ultimately resulting in their character falling from a massive height.

This stamina bar regenerates over time, allowing users to continue their journey after pausing for a few seconds. However, it looks like a Genshin Impact bug can disable stamina regeneration, making it so that users can no longer perform these tasks, reports GameRant.

A Reddit user named Kodoku94 has shared a clip from Genshin Impact with this bug, as their character Hu Tao doesn’t seem to be regenerating stamina despite standing still.

The player stands in the same spot for around nine seconds without the stamina bar filling up, before deciding to move around in the area.

The player claims to have tried a bunch of different methods for fixing the issue, including killing off the whole team in the hopes of resetting it.

According to Kodoku94, this problem happened after completing the Domain of Forgery in Liyue, but logging in again seems to have fixed the issue.

A few users in the comments section claim to have encountered this bug before in Genshin Impact, but restarting the game also fixed the issue for them.

In one case, it wouldn’t even allow a fan to switch characters in Genshin Impact, so they probably had no option other than restarting the game.

The rest of the comments are filled with jokes, as one gamer states that Kodoku94 had reached the stamina regen limit for the day, so they must wait until tomorrow for it to recharge.

Some users comment on how it’s the average stamina of players using Hu Tao in Genshin Impact, while another fan states that this represents their own stamina bar if they were a playable character in the game.

Genshin Impact doesn’t seem to have too many major bugs currently, but this shows that any game can have problems. As more examples of bugs in Genshin Impact, one issue gave Barbara infinite Bloom potential, while an older glitch allowed players to have five active party members.