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Harry Potter's Padma and Ron reunites after 20 years

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10 Jul 2024 12:48:56 | Update: 10 Jul 2024 12:48:56
Harry Potter's Padma and Ron reunites after 20 years
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Potterheads gushed after spotting Rupert Grint and Afshan Azad together after two decades, and Ron has still not asked Padma to dance with him.

Harry Potter fans had a sweet surprise waiting for them a few days ago, as Rupert Grint (who played Ron Weasley) and Afshan Azad (who played Padma Patil) reunited after 20 years! Afshan shared a picture of the both of them on Instagram which was accompanied by an adorable throwback of the two of them from the Harry Potter film, from that infamous Yule Ball scene, reports Hindustan Times.

Padma and Ron reunited

Taking to Instagram, Afshan shared a picture of Rupert standing beside her and smiling. The second picture was straight out of the set of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, highlighting how both of them looked when they played Ron and Padma. So what has changed in all these years? In the caption, Afshan answered, “Padma & Ron reunited after 20+ years. Oh how parenthood has changed us all. Ps: He’s still not asked me to dance.”

The actor was referring to the scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, where Ron invited Padma to the Yule Ball but that did not end well as Ron refused to dance with her.

Fan reactions

Potterheads reacted enthusiastically in the comments section of the post. A fan commented, “Oh my days I was at school when this came out. I have 2 children now- my eldest is just rediscovering the movies!” A second fan said, “you guys 100 per cent carried my childhood.” Another wrote, “This made me tear up- so proud of who both of you have become and thank you for all the magic you gave us when we were kids.” A comment also read, “Quite adorable, the two of you!”

The last time many of the cast members of the Harry Potter series came together was in 2022, when there was a special show celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter franchise. Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe, and Emma Watson had shared their memories of making the films as child actors.