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Hoichoi unveils six new web series

Staff Correspondent
27 Mar 2024 19:58:29 | Update: 27 Mar 2024 19:58:29
Hoichoi unveils six new web series

Popular Indian OTT platform Hoichoi has unveiled six exciting new projects featuring popular names Pori Moni, Jaya Ahsan, Chanchal Chowdhury, Mosharraf Karim, Mehazabien Chowdhury, and Ziaul Faruq Apurba. All are part of this exciting lineup.

Besides bringing back fan favourite directors like Amitabh Reza Chowdhury and Ashfaque Nipun, the OTT also got on board popular and award-winning directors, including, Vicky Zahed, Shihab Shaheen and Anam Biswas for the platform.

The list of web series releasing from hoichoi Bangladesh in 2024:

Rongila Kitab 

Directed by Anam Biswas, the web-series stars Pori Moni in the lead role. The narrative centers on a small-town thug who decides to leave his criminal life behind upon learning he's going to be a father. However, his plans are derailed when he is falsely implicated in the murder of a local MP. Now, his primary concern is protecting himself and his pregnant wife from the authorities and lurking dangers.


Directed by Ashfaque Nipun, the series cast Jaya Ahsan. The storyline follows a lower-level government employee trapped in the same position for a decade without promotion. When she stumbles upon a substantial sum of money in the office storeroom, her latent greed is sparked, leading her into a tangled web of temptation.

Golam Mamun

Directed by Shihab Shaheen, this series delves into the life of Golam Mamun, a hot-headed officer whose admiration for "Buker Moddhe Agun" led him to love. Now, as he faces detention for a murder he didn't commit and his involvement is suspected in another couple's death, Mamun, the upholder of the law, must defy it to clear his name and evade the police. Ziaul Faruq Apurba will be seen in this series.


Vicky Zahed and Chanchal Chowdhury teamed up for their inaugural collaboration. In the thriller series, Chanchal Chowdhury embodies the role of Rumi, a detective who is visually impaired. Rumi, a seasoned CID officer, loses his sight in an accident but soon begins experiencing peculiar dreams with cryptic meanings. Will these clues aid Rumi in unraveling the murder case he's currently investigating, or will they form a complex riddle for him?

Bohemian Ghora (Aat mane Not)

Under the direction of Amitabh Reza Chowdhury, Mosharraf Karim takes on the character of Abbas, a truck driver who has seven wives in seven districts, each oblivious to the others. Juggling these multiple households with finesse, Abbas' life takes a tumultuous turn when he rescues a young woman and is compelled into marriage with her, sparking chaos among his seven wives. How will Abbas navigate this predicament and restore order to his complex web of relationships?


Vicky Zahed and Mehazabien Chowdhury, known for popular projects including "Redrum" and "Ami ki Tumi", will reunite for this exciting Hoichoi project.

Following the birth of her child, Mehazabien begins to question her husband's ability to father children. Faced with the question of paternity, she confronts her in-laws, suspecting foul play, and initiates legal action against her father-in-law and brother-in-law. But who is the liar?