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I am always going against the tide: Nawshaba Ahmed

Staff Correspondent
11 Jul 2024 10:54:11 | Update: 11 Jul 2024 10:57:10
I am always going against the tide: Nawshaba Ahmed
Renowned Bangladeshi actress, director, puppeteer and social activist Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed — Courtesy Photo

Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed is a renowned Bangladeshi actress, director, puppeteer and social activist. Her upcoming short film, "Chharpatra," is set to premiere on July 13 at Nandan, West Bengal Film Centre, Kolkata.

Additionally, she has signed on to star in another film titled "Chhoa". In an interview, Nawshaba discussed about her recent engagements and life.

Your short film "Chharpatra" is up for screening at the 7th South Asian Short Film Festival. How do you feel?

This film is very special to me. Because I returned to acting with "Chharpatra" after an unwanted incident that happened to me in 2018. Again, this is the only one from Bangladesh participating in the festival. All in all, the feeling is extraordinary.

Can you tell us about the story of the film and your character?

A couple, they love each other very much. There is no family unrest, infidelity, violence or any other problem between them. Everything is fine. But still, the woman wants a divorce. After the lawyer's question after question, a strange insecurity arises. Cases of rape of children from two years old to centenarians, disabled, tribals, patients, pregnant women come up. The character I have done here is the character of any woman in Bangladesh. The director Aparajita Sangita has thrown the questions I face as a woman through the character.

When will the shooting of 'Chhoa' start?

This film received government grant in the financial year 2023-2024, will start in November of this year. Its producer and director are Rakibul Hasan.

What about your other works?

I am currently working on two films. Some shooting of both is yet to be done. The name of one cannot be disclosed now, there is a request from the director. Maybe he has some plans of his own. Another film I am working on is directed by Abrar Athar. The shooting of this is almost over. It will be completed in a day or two.

Tell us about the film 'Joto Kando Kolkatatei'.

I am playing the central character in the film. The film was a big test for me. How I did, the audience will say. I am grateful to director Anik Dutta for giving me a chance in such a character. The shooting and dubbing of the film were over long ago. If all goes well, it will be released this winter. I have heard that the film is likely to come to theatres in both Bengals.

When are you returning to the theatre stage?

On July 23 of this month, there will be a performance of 'Siddhartha', the fourth production of Aarshinagar at Experimental Theatre Hall, Bangladesh Shilpokala Academy. Reza Arif has dramatized the novel by Hermann Hesse. He is also directing. It is a wonderful novel. The story of self-realisation. I have felt every time I have read the novel - why hasn't it been worked on for so long? It's a matter of luck for me to be associated with this production.

You formed a theatre group called 'Together We Can'. How many plays have come so far?

Three plays have come. 'Mukti Aloy Aloy', 'Riya, Girl with A White Pigeon' and finally 'Tribeni'. The artists of all the three dramas are the specially challenged ones. I want to do regular shows of all the three plays.

Finally, what are your thoughts on your artistic life?

The first thing I want is to keep my artistic self-happy. That's why I choose the work that gives me a different kind of satisfaction after completing it. To be honest, I never had the desire to do anything for the sake of fame. That is why I'm always going against the tide. I have decided that I will not change this decision of mine for the sake of anything.