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Idhika Paul still touched by 'Priyotoma'

Today is the actress' birthday
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01 Jul 2024 19:13:33 | Update: 01 Jul 2024 19:13:33
Idhika Paul still touched by 'Priyotoma'
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A year has passed since the release of "Priyotoma," the blockbuster Bengali film produced by Arshad Adnan and directed by Himel Ashraf. The film marked the debut of actress Idhika Paul in Bangladesh, who played the titular role alongside renowned actor Shakib Khan.

Despite its release a year ago, "Priyotoma" continues to resonate with the Bangladeshi film industry and audiences. The film's commercial success is a turning point in Shakib Khan's career, compelling storyline, and the popularity of its music have all contributed to its enduring presence in the public discourse.

Idhika Paul's remarkable performance as a newcomer has also been widely praised. Her ability to embody the nuances of her character has left a lasting impression on viewers.

When the film was released over a year ago, Idhika travelled from Kolkata to Dhaka with her mother to watch it. She was deeply moved by the enthusiasm and appreciation shown by the audience for her film, "Priyotoma." Even today, Idhika Paul becomes emotional when discussing her debut film.

Today is Idhika Pal's birthday, and she will be celebrating it with her family. Speaking about "Priyotoma" and her birthday, Idhika Pal said, "First of all, I want to express my deep gratitude to Arshad Adnan Sir. His sincerity has always impressed me. During the release of 'Priyotoma' or when the Honorable President enjoyed 'Priyotoma,' I couldn't be there. But later, on the Honourable President's birthday on December 10, I was present at the royal ceremony at Bangabhaban. There, the Honorable President expressed his great appreciation for my performance in 'Priyotoma.' He congratulated me with flowers. That moment is still vivid in my mind."

"I am also grateful to Shakib Khan because he supported me a lot during the shooting. I fondly remember the time of 'Priyotoma.' Those days will remain in my heart forever; I will never forget the 'Priyotoma' days. On my birthday, I ask for everyone's prayers, blessings, and love. Please bless my parents as well," she added.