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Imran pays tribute to mentor Habib with 'Bokamon'

Staff Correspondent
12 Feb 2024 20:39:49 | Update: 12 Feb 2024 20:39:49
Imran pays tribute to mentor Habib with 'Bokamon'
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Imran Mahmudul, a prominent singer and composer, celebrates a significant milestone in his career by paying homage to his mentor, Habib Wahid.

Imran's journey from a music student to a collaborator with Habib shows the essence of mentorship and artistic progression.

Inspired by Habib Wahid's renowned musical prowess, Imran Mahmudul has undergone a transformative journey, learning various facets of music direction and composition under Habib's guidance. Their collaboration has spanned several projects, captivating audiences with Imran's vocal prowess.

A pivotal moment arrives as Imran unveils his latest creation, titled "Bokamon," dedicated to his mentor. This marks a significant milestone as it is the first time Habib Wahid lends his voice to a composition by Imran.

The song's lyrics, penned by Rajat Ghosh, coupled with Saikat Reza's visual storytelling in the music video, embody Imran's profound respect and gratitude towards Habib Wahid.

Imran fondly recalls his humble beginnings as a curious student seeking guidance at Habib's studio in Jatrabari. His evolution from a learner to a collaborator underscores the transformative power of mentorship and dedication in the music industry.

Expressing his sentiments, Imran Mahmudul shares, "Being able to sing and compose for him after 12 years is a great achievement for me. This song holds immense emotional significance."

Scheduled for release under the banner of Rangon Music on February 14, "Bokamon" coincides with Valentine's Day, adding an extra layer of significance to the heartfelt tribute from Imran Mahmudul to his mentor, Habib Wahid.