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Journey of ‘Rajkumar’ to continue in N America from April 19

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17 Apr 2024 17:45:51 | Update: 17 Apr 2024 17:45:51
Journey of ‘Rajkumar’ to continue in N America from April 19
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Dhallywood sensation Shakib Khan's latest movie "Rajkumar" is gearing up for a grand international release across 75 theatres in the USA and Canada from April 19.

The film's international distributor, Swapna Scarecrow Bangladesh, unveiled the news as they shared the eagerly awaited first-week hall list on their Facebook page.

Directed by Himel Ashraf and produced by Arshad Adnan, the film "Rajkumar" has created social media buzz during this Eid season.

Last year, Shakib Khan's film "Priyotoma" enjoyed record-breaking success upon its release in the US and Canada. Swapna Scarecrow authorities are optimistic that "Rajkumar" will surpass the acclaim garnered by "Priyotoma" and win over audiences in the international market.

Shakib Khan himself took to social media to share the theatre list and extend a warm invitation to everyone to experience "Rajkumar" on the big screen.

The post by Shakib read, "Following a shower of love during its Eid-ul-Fitr release nationwide, 'Rajkumar' is now set to enchant audiences in America and Canada starting April 19. 'Rajkumar' is set to capture the hearts of Bengali speakers worldwide."

Upon its release during Eid-ul-Fitr, "Rajkumar" premiered in 126 theatres across the country, enjoying a successful run on single screens, Cineplex, and multiplexes right from its opening day.

In addition to Shakib Khan, the cast of "Rajkumar" includes American actresses Courtney Coffey, alongside renowned actors such as Tariq Anam Khan, Mahiya Mahi, Arosh Khan, and Dr. Ejajul Islam, among others.

Producer Arshad Adnan is reportedly optimistic about the gradual international rollout of “Rajkumar.”