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Kabir Suman shifts focus to Bangla kheyal

Staff Correspondent
04 Mar 2024 18:28:41 | Update: 04 Mar 2024 18:28:41
Kabir Suman shifts focus to Bangla kheyal

In a recent social media post, Kabir Suman, a prominent figure in the Bengali music scene, declared his intention to transition away from modern music performances towards a renewed focus on Bangla kheyal. The announcement signifies a significant shift in his artistic direction, marking the conclusion of an era dedicated to modern Bangla music.

In his Facebook post, Kabir Suman stated, "The upcoming event that I will be organising will be the last modern music performance of mine, which will consist of half Bangla kheyal and the remaining modern Bangla songs."

Recognised for his influential contributions to modern Bangla music, Kabir Suman's decision has garnered attention within the Bengali music industry. His dedication to Bangla kheyal comes after conducting a four-day workshop on the genre in Dhaka in November 2023, indicating a growing interest in traditional Bengali music forms.

This announcement follows Kabir Suman's participation in a music event commemorating the 30th anniversary of his album "Tomake Chai" in Dhaka in October 2022. The album, released in 1992, marked a departure from traditional Bengali music and established Kabir Suman as a pioneering figure in modern Bangla music.

As Kabir Suman embarks on this new chapter in his musical career, his decision to focus on Bangla kheyal performances reflects an evolving artistic journey and a commitment to exploring the rich musical heritage of Bengal.