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Kona makes strong comeback with 'Dushtu Kokil'

Staff Correspondent
21 Jun 2024 19:04:37 | Update: 21 Jun 2024 19:04:37
Kona makes strong comeback with 'Dushtu Kokil'
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National Film Awards-winning artist Dilshad Nahar Kona is the most reliable playback singer in this generation. Movie lovers consider Kona's song a blessing for the movie—nothing new for the Shakib Khan-starrer “Toofan” movie released this Eid. Kona sang the song titled “Dushtu Kokil” for the movie “Toofan” directed by Raihan Rafi, which created a storm among music lovers all over the country. It can be said that the song “Dushtu Kokil” performed by Mimi Chakrabarty was a blessing for Kona's career after a break.

Although modern songs are popular, their dominance is not as wide as film songs. Before the release of the movie “Toofan”, the word ‘Kook Kook Kook’ from the song “Dushtu Kokil” spread like a storm on various platforms. And as soon as the song was released, it got a huge response all over Bangladesh. This tonally fun song signals the love of a "Dushtu Kokil" that makes the heart flutter. The singer prompts one to surrender to the song's sensation as they move to the rhythm of this song.

The song was released on June 20 and the song crossed 2 million views on YouTube in one day. Kona posted a status on her Facebook, “Within short time 2 million views crossed on YouTube...... Trending on 7”.

Written, tuned, and composed by musician Akassh Sen, the song has been voiced by the musician himself and songstress Dilshad Nahar Kona. The song was recorded by Selim Reza from Focus Studio in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Rabi Majee from Studio Hansadhwani in Kolkata.

Regarding the song, Kona said, "Earlier, many popular actresses of Bangladesh have lip-synched the songs sung by me. Subhashree Ganguly from Kolkata also lip-synched my song. However, I did not know that Mimi Chakraborty would be doing lip-sync in ‘Toofan’. The most interesting or attainable for me is that this song features the pride of our cinema, our superstar Shakib Khan. Mimi and Shakib Khan's impeccable performance in this song made the song more acceptable to the audience. This is my achievement. Thanks to Raihan Rafi and the entire ‘Toofan’ team. Thanks to my audience.”

Earlier Kona lent her voice to many popular movie songs like “Diechi Toke Dil Dil Dil”, “Ohe Shyam”, “Tui Ki Amar Hobire”, “Heila Duila Naach”, “O Taka Tui Amar Kalijar Jaan” and others.