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Mandira charms viewers in her debut film

Staff Correspondent
17 Apr 2024 17:48:43 | Update: 17 Apr 2024 17:48:43
Mandira charms viewers in her debut film
— Courtesy Photo

Mandira Chakraborty's debut film "Kajol Rekha" was finally released on Eid after a long wait. The reason for the long wait is that the release of this film was announced several times before. But the release date was pushed back again and again.

This time, Mandira had assured that "Kajol Rekha" would be released on Eid. And so, "Kajol Rekha" was finally released.

Mandira has played the lead role in Giyasuddin Selim's "Kajol Rekha". The film has not been released in all the cinema halls across the country. But even in the few cinema halls where it has been released, Mandira has captivated the audience with her acting and glamorous looks. The film has been released in a total of seven cinema halls.

Mandira herself has gone to the cinema halls several times to enjoy the film. She has talked to the audience. Yesterday, she enjoyed the film at 4:30pm show at Shimanto Shambhar in the capital.

Although Giyasuddin Selim's " Kajol Rekha " did not achieve the same popularity as "Monpura ", the audience is impressed by Mandira. They are praising Mandira's acting and her glamorous and artistic look according to the character.

The actress is constantly being showered with love from the audience, sometimes by talking directly to the audience and sometimes through social media.

About her debut film Mandira said, "Kajol Rekha is the first film of my life and I got the opportunity to act in the lead role. It was a big thing for me. I am sincerely grateful to Selim Bhai. The audience is impressed with my acting that is my achievement. I am really happy by the love and respect I have received from them. I am grateful to everyone for inspiring me as a newcomer. My humble request to everyone is to go to the cinema hall and enjoy "Kajol Rekha". You will like the story, songs, location and acting of the artists of this film. Truly, I have become indebted to the love of the audience."