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Mosharraf Karim to star as detective in 'Chokkor 302'

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31 Mar 2024 19:33:23 | Update: 31 Mar 2024 19:33:23
Mosharraf Karim to star as detective in 'Chokkor 302'
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Esteemed artiste Mosharraf Karim is poised to enthral audiences once again, this time in the upcoming silver screen venture, "Chokkor 302", helmed by director Saraf Ahmed Zibon.

Renowned for his versatile performances across film, stage, and OTT platforms, Karim's portrayal as a detective branch officer significantly departs from his previous roles, promising a riveting cinematic experience.

Director Zibon, in discussing the essence of "Chokkor 302", emphasised the film's bold narrative and Mosharraf Karim's pivotal role, stating, "The strength of the film lies in its bold storyline. The narrative is also imbued with a deeply human touch, along with Mosharraf Karim's impeccable acting in the lead role."

Karim, renowned for his methodical approach to acting, expressed his commitment to the project, affirming, "I hope that the audience will like it as we tried to bring something different to the story with 'Chokkor 302'. I tried to delve into my character and the narrative completely and I think the audiences will like it."

The unveiling of the film's first look on February 20 garnered significant attention on social media platforms, signalling widespread anticipation for its release. Originally titled "Bicharaloy", the film underwent a title change to "Chokkor 302", reflecting its evolving narrative and themes.

Director Zibon conveyed his optimism for the film's success, stating, "We are ready to release the film. However, we will reserve some time for the promotional campaigns surrounding the film. After that, we will release the film across the country."

With "Chokkor 302" yet to receive a scheduled release date, Mosharraf Karim continues to captivate audiences with numerous dramas set to air on various TV channels during the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr festivities.