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Mosharraf-Tasnia duo set record with 9 Eid dramas

Staff Correspondent
05 Apr 2024 18:22:35 | Update: 05 Apr 2024 18:22:35
Mosharraf-Tasnia duo set record with 9 Eid dramas
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Popular actors Mosharraf Karim and Tanha Tasnia are gearing up for a record-breaking Eid-ul-Fitr this year. The duo will be seen together in a whopping 9 dramas, spreading joy and entertaining audiences during the festive season.

All these 9 dramas have been directed by Taifur Jahan Asik. The dramas are "Bari Gari Nari", "Bou Setting", "Ami Nervous", "Foreign Lover" written by Al Amin Swapon, "Swapno Jabe Bari", "Paonadar", "Chirokumar Sangrokkhon", "Sotti Bolte Chai" written by Sujit Biswas and "Chakrijibi Bou" written by Harun Rusho.

This collaboration marks a unique achievement in Bangladeshi television. Tanha Tasnia expressed her excitement, stating, "This Eid, 10 of my works will be aired, including a series. But most importantly, I got to work opposite Mosharraf Karim Bhai in all the dramas. It's a great thing for me to work with him in so many projects for Eid."

Tasnia went on to praise Mosharraf, calling him her favourite co-star. "Working with him is always special. He's a lively co-artist, very helpful. During shooting, I even got an ulcer, and he constantly checked on my health, taking care of me like an elder brother. I learned a lot from him; he gave some fantastic tips," she said.

Director Taifur Jahan Asik, the mastermind behind these dramas, revealed, "Even though I've directed 9 dramas with the same pair, there's diversity in the story and characters." He assured viewers that these Eid dramas will cater to various tastes.

Mosharraf Karim echoed Tasnia's sentiments, highlighting the unique aspect of their collaboration. "It's remarkable to have 9 dramas featuring a single pair air on Eid. Tasnia has done a great job. She is very serious about bringing out her character. We all worked as a team, creating a family-like atmosphere on set. The focus was on entertaining the audience. Eid greetings to everyone, and please watch our dramas," he said.

The director confirmed that these 9 dramas will be aired on various platforms throughout Eid.