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Multidisciplinary exhibition ‘Recollected’ underway at Gulshan’s AFD

Staff Correspondent
04 Mar 2024 18:30:32 | Update: 04 Mar 2024 18:30:32
Multidisciplinary exhibition ‘Recollected’ underway at Gulshan’s AFD
— Courtesy Photo

The multidisciplinary exhibition titled “Recollected” by Uronto Artist Community is underway at Alliance Française de Dhaka’s Gulshan annex.

The exhibition was inaugurated in the presence of the Ambassador of France to Bangladesh Marie Masdupuy, Art historian and vice-chancellor of Central Women’s University Perween Hasan and Md Kamruzzaman, Director General of the Bangladesh National Museum.

“Recollected” is a distinctive exhibition to showcase a range of multidisciplinary artworks inspired by the history, culture and local contemporary narratives from two architectural heritages in Sunamganj district, Sylhet division in Bangladesh, known as the Gourarang Jaminder palace and the Shukhair Jaminder palace.

Architectural heritage is one of the strongest as well as variable components of a socio-cultural infrastructure. Bangladesh, being a substantial part of ancient Bengal, has a rich history in regards to architectural heritage. If these heritage and history is not archived, it will be lost forever with time. With demolishment of each of the heritage buildings our cultural root and history gets erased too. Through this art intervention and the group exhibition, Uronto is contributing in archiving these soon to be lost heritages of Sunamganj, adding a new dimension to the local history and adding value to the sites which will foster the awareness in a rural community as well as in the urban society toward heritage preservations.

This multidisciplinary exhibition is a collaborative effort between the Uronto Artist Community and the Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation. It is co-curated by Fareha Zeba and Sadya Mizan. The exhibition features emerging artist’s multifaceted works, where artists expand the architectural wonders of Gourarang Jaminder Palace and Shukhair Jaminder Palace, illustrating inspiration from local contemporary context and content. “Recollected” is not just an exhibition, it is a travel through time and culture, where each of the artworks will reflect a glimpse of the lives, history, culture and legacies of generation’s past, encouraging the audience to rediscover and re-engage with the unexplored treasures of Bangladesh.

Alongside showcasing obscure heritage sites in Sunamganj, Sylhet, this exhibition highlights contemporary artistic endeavors. It attempts to explore tales and memories within these locations through various contemporary artistic mediums like drawing, photography, ceramic work, printmaking, installation, Puthi writing, musicals, theater performances and workshops and other events, aiming to revive memories within the heritage sites.

The exhibition will not only showcase unique site-responsive artworks but will also raise a collective voice for promoting and preservation of such architectural heritages around Bangladesh especially in rural off-centered locations.

The exhibition will be open to all from Monday to Saturday from 3 pm to 9 pm, until March 20.